Acme Juicer

Reliable Centrifugal Juicing Machines, Models 5001 & 6001

Acme juicers are good-quality compact juice makers applying cutting mechanism and centrifugal force to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.

The brand Acme is currently owned by Waring Pro, a US-based manufacturer of small household appliances.

An Acme juicer is a perfect machine for a small household to provide fresh fruit and vegetable drinks full of vitamins and other nutrients without much hassle.

Currently there are 3 models:

  • the all-stainless steel Acme 6001 Centrifugal Juicer without Pulp Ejection,
  • the Acme 5001 Juicerator (the top and bowl of this model are made of plastic), and the
  • Acme 7001 juicer. Parts and accessories (citrus attachment, filters, and blade) are easily accessible for each of the two models.

About Acme:

Acme juicers have been around for long decades and it’s one of the oldest brands on the juice extractor market. Later Waring bought Acme and sells juicers with the original Acme design under the Waring Pro brand, while some of the staff from Acme established a company that makes the Omega juciers.

Besides Waring pro models, the original Acme juicers are still available today.

Main Features & Benefits of Acme Juicer Models

Acme 6001 Juicerator – Compact Centrifugal Juicer without Pulp Ejection

This Acme juicer is an easy to use, efficient machine powered by a reliable motor that works at 3600 rpm, spinning the inner stainless steel bowl of the juicer at 60/second rate creating a centrifugal force that presses the juice through tiny holes that line the inner basket while the pulp gets adhered to the sides.

The result is pure, fresh juice that contains the vitamins and minerals obtained from the produce, leaving only dry pulp behind. All members of the family, including the pickiest kid, will love the sweet, natural taste of fruit juices made with any of the Acme juicers.

No need to beg the children to eat fruit, just prepare a glass of juice for them a couple of times a week (or every day) and you will provide for most of the necessary vitamin intake. Making the juice takes only around 15 minutes.

Acme 6001 Non-Ejection Centrifugal Juicer

A centrifugal juicer such as the Acme 6001 or the Acme 5001 is also great for making fruit and veggie juice combos. Try juicing carrots together with apples and oranges. Celery or beets are also rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Start mixing a small amount of these vegetables with fruits when you juice (e. g. 2-3 apples, 1-2 oranges, 1-2 carrots, a small beetroot or half of a larger piece).

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This way the sweet flavor of fruits will mask the sometimes harsh taste of vegetables and children will most likely drink it even if they don’t like to eat raw or cooked veggies.

The Acme 6001 is a non-ejection type juicer meaning that the pulp is not removed automatically from the inside of the unit but is collected along the inner side of the bowl. You can make approx. 2 quarts of juice before having to stop the machine to get rid of the accumulated pulp.

Perfect for countertop placement since it doesn’t take up much space (Dimensions: height: 12.5″, diameter: 10″, it weighs 15 pounds).

For less messy juicing and a cleaner, pulp-free juice you can line the inside of the bowl with non-bleached cellulose filter that you can remove and throw away at the end of juicing. The replacement filters are easy to get and are sold in 200 pcs packs.

Pros & Cons of the Acme 6001 Juicer at Glance


  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction, Strong Motor (1/4 HP),
  • Easy to Use and Clean (you can access every nook of the large juicer bowl with your hand),
  • Juice is thick and creamy and tastes delicious,
  • 20-30 % More Juice than with a Pulp Ejector Machine,
  • Stability During Operation – no walking Long Warranty (10 years),
  • Easy Access to Replacement Parts,
  • Affordable Price


  • Requires use of filters to reduce cleanup work which means an ongoing cost
  • Not for continuous juicing
  • Small feed chute – not meant for juicing whole produce

Benefits and Technical Characteristics of the Acme Juicer, Model 6001 in Details

  • Attractive, Compact Design – each of the Acme juicers are designed with ease-of-use and space efficiency in mind. The base of the unit is a so-called Gyro Base that provides perfect balance for the unit when it’s working. This feature includes a precision-balanced flywheel and rubber feet integrated around the bottom of the base. The sleek stainless steel outer case looks good in any modern kitchen.
  • All Stainless Steel Parts – a Long Lasting Appliance – each of the juicer’s parts are made of high-grade stainless steel including the basket, blade and the housing, which will not get stained.
  • Stainless Steel Blade – the high quality, sturdy blade made of surgical stainless steel is positioned in a special “floating” way that helps to distribute the pulp evenly.
  • Powerful, Durable Motor with 1/4 horsepower, 3600 rpm- a well-engineered induction motor without brushes provides the high level of centrifugal force (3600 RPM) that squeezes the juice through tiny holes on the side of the juicer basket, while the pulp sticks to the side of the basket (or to a disposable filter). The brushless motor is less likely to wear out due to fewer moving parts and less friction.
  • Stable, Vibration-Free Operation – the patented Gyro base ensures stability of the machine during operation which means that it won’t vibrate or jump around the counter during juicing. The juicer stands on a dozen or so rubber feet that are integrated in the bottom of the base, absorbing vibration during operation and reducing noise.
  • Low Noise – the Acme 6001 juicer is fairly silent despite the powerful motor. It makes a low whooshing sound that isn’t disturbing at all.
  • Juices a Wide Variety of Produce – this strong machine is capable of making juice from many types of fruits and veggies. It does well both softer and firm produce such as celery, ginger, beets. It is not meant for juicing leafy greens but if you roll up a few spinach leaves or other green leaves making a ball of them to give firmer structure, the juicer will extract a good yield of liquid. Not as much as a masticating-style auger juicing machine would, but it is still enough to add some greens to your fruit juice. For juicing citrus fruits you will need a citrus attachment (costs cc. $60 – $75).
  • Better Juice Extraction – the main advantage of the non-pulp ejection construction is that the pulp stays inside the spinning bowl, allowing more time for extraction. The Acme juicer squeezes more liquid out of the produce than a faster juicer (8000-1000 rpm or more) with automatic pulp removal. The pulp is noticeably drier than that of a pulp ejector unit.
  • Easy to Assemble, Disassemble and Use – an Acme juicer doesn’t require complicated assembly and disassembly. The design and construction of the Acme 6001 is such that the blade will align automatically to the motor shaft when you put together the rest of the parts: stainless steel basket, basket bowl, and top.
Unlike most other centrifugal juicers (e. g. Omega 9000), the Acme juicer doesn’t have moveable latch arms on its sides that hold down the top, but an ingenious self-adjusting mechanism securely attaches the lid to the fixed side arms on the bottom unit. You just place the top on the bowl and a short twist will secure it to the sides.
No hanging, moving arm prone to break that often happens in case of cheap plastic juicers. After starting the machine it will reach its operating speed within a couple of seconds due to the fairly large juicer bowl.

When the machine has reached its operating speed you can start adding the produce you want to juice. You can make at least 2 quarts/liters of juice before you need to stop the unit and remove the accumulated pulp from the inside of the bowl (always unplug the machine before you start disassembling it).

If you use a filter to line the inside of the bowl you have to stop and remove the filter after cc. 20-24 oz. juice is made.

  • Quick to Clean – it doesn’t have a micromesh filter with tiny pores that is tricky to clean. The perforated basket doesn’t get clogged by pulp like the mesh filter of pulp ejection juicing machines. Washing the removable parts of the Acme juicer in warm running water takes only a couple of minutes. You can submerge the strainer basket in warm soapy water, twist it around for a few times to get rid of all bits and pieces adhered to the side. If you use removable paper filters, clean up is even simpler since you pick the filter with pulp and throw it away. Using the filters however means an ongoing additional cost but it saves you clean up time.
  • UL-certified
  • Citrus Attachment – this accessory converts the Acme 6001 to a high performance citrus juicer that runs at 250- 300 RPM, a speed required for efficient juicing of oranges, lemons, lime and grapefruits. The attachment is also compatible with the Acme 5001 model.
  • Price of the Acme 6001 Juicer: around $200 – $220.A 200-pack replacement filter (non-bleached cellulose) liner costs cc. $11 – $13.

Replacement blade for Acme 6001 and Acme 5001 models is available for around $30.

  • Long Guarantee Period: the Acme 6001 carries 10-year warranty (except for the blade that is warranted for 1 year) which is a testimony of durability and reliable operation. There are few other juicers whith that long warranty period.

User Reviews on Acme Juicers

People who bought the Acme Juicerator and have been using it for a while praise the machine and are satisfied with both the machine’s and the juice quality.

Here is a summary of the most frequent observations and comments we’ve found in user reviews on the Acme 6001 machine:


  • Well-made appliance – all parts fit together with precision, quality stainless steel materials are used making the juicer parts resistant against wear.
  • Massive, Robust Juicer with Long Warranty – will work for many years without problems. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the sharpness of the blade: it goes blunt after a time but replacement blades are easily accessible (cost cc. $30).
  • Makes more juice than a jucier with pulp ejection.
  • Juice is rather pulpy and thick – use a filter to get rid of pulp if you don’t like it.


  • The spout is at too low for those who prefer to use a large glass.
  • Not good for uninterrupted juicing – after a certain amount of juice is made you have to stop and remove pulp.
  • Produce has to be cut into smaller chunks due to smaller feed chute.

Cleaning: this is the most controversial issue regarding Acme juice makers. Some reviewers find the Acme a bit difficult to clean, while others say that it requires less clean up than the pulp ejector machines because the bowl is larger and you can reach inside with your hand to get to every spot to scoop out the pulp.

Due to the non-slanted bowl somehow the pulp doesn’t stick to the sides. A thorough rinse under running water will get rid of all the produce fiber, no need to scrub and brush.


Acme juicers are favorably-priced, good-value appliances for fast, no-fuss juicing of hard veggies and fruits. Great for novice juicers or anyone who want add fresh, vitamin-rich juices to their diet.

Juicers Most Similar to the Acme Juicer Models 6001 and 5001

  • Waring Pro Juicers – they sell the Acme models with the original design under the Waring Pro name.
  • Omega 9000 Juice Extractor – another great centrifugal juicing machine similar to the Acme regarding the non-pulp ejection feature.

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