Black and Decker Juicers

Inexpensive Juice Extractors – Are They Good for Regular Juicing?

If you are searching for quality, low-cost juice extractors then take a look at Black & Decker juicers that offer dedicated citrus presses as well as electric fruit and vegetable juicing machines.

The Black & Decker brand is developed and sold by Applica, a North American company known for its small household apppliances including coffee makers, toasters, blenders and juice extractors.

Citrus Juicers by Black & Decker

Black & Decker citrus juicers are practical, no-fuss, easy-to-use appliances. Made of quality plastic, these lightweight, compact citrus presses occupy little space.

The CitrusMate Juicer CJ01 consists of the following parts:

  • ​Dust Cover
  • ​Bi-directional cone with stirring blades – this smaller cone is recommended for juicing lemons and limes
  • ​Large Bi-directional cone – place it over the smaller cone to juice oranges or grapefruits
  • ​Strainer
  • ​1-liter (1 quart) pitcher
  • ​Base
  • ​Cord Storage Compartment

The CJ01 citrus press plugs into a standard electric outlet. The unit comes with 2 bi-directional cones for different fruit sizes. The cones turn right and left during operation which is normal.

Motor stops automatically if you lift the fruit from the cone or when manual pressure is released. The juicer doesn’t have an On/Off switch, the hand pressure starts the motor.

The pitcher can hold 1 liter juice. Grip the handle of the pitcher and lift it up off the juicer’s base. You can cover the pitcher with the juice in it with the dust cover should you want to keep it in the fridge (though it’s best to drink it right away so that the vitamins and other nutrients don’t get destroyed by oxidation).

Cleaning is simple.

Using the Citrus Juicer

  • ​Unplug the unit when you finished juicing and want to clean the appliance.
  • ​Wash the cones and the sieve in warm soapy water using a bristle brush to remove the fruit pulp.
  • ​The base must be wiped only (do not wash it in water, because this is where the cord and other electrical parts are) with a slightly damp cloth.
  • ​Let the washed parts dry. For more space-saving storage fold the cord and put it in the storage compartment at the bottom of the base.

If you don’t like manual washing up than place the cones, pitcher, strainer on the top rack of the dishwasher and let the machine do the cleaning.

Price: The Black & Decker CitrusMate CJ01 juicer costs cc. $15 – $20. It comes with full 1 year warranty (in the US and in Canada).

CitrusMate Plus, Black & Decker CJ 500-525

The CitrusMate Plus is one of the best budget electric citrus presses. You can make large quantity of fresh orange juice (1 liter) with it in a short time. Great for preparing delicious, freshly-squeezed citrus juice for the whole family on weekend mornings.

This practical, easy-to-use juicer can make more than 1 liter juice at once. It has a 34-oz pitcher. The CitrusMate Plus also comes with two different size cones suitable for processing various size of citrus fruits (the small one is good for lemons and limes, the larger cone is recommended for juicing oranges and grapefruits).

Other features of the Black & Decker CJ 525 juicer are:

  • ​adjustable pulp control – you can set it to make a pulpier or less pulpier juice (there are 3 settings: light, medium, heavy)
  • ​self-reversing reamer on the small cone with stirrer – for good juicing press and release hand pressure on the fruit
  • ​strainer to prevent seeds getting into the juice
  • ​plastic pitcher with easy-to-pour spout and measurement markings on the side
  • ​cord holder slot around the base – just wrap the cord around in the built-in slot and it won’t be in the way when you don’t use the unit

User Reviews of Black & Decker CitrusMate Plus Juicer:

The unit received very good ratings and reviews by many users. (4.5 out of 5 at Amazon based on more than 200 reviews).


  • ​inexpensive – for those who prefer practical, non-fancy appliances the CitrusMate Plus is a great choice.
  • ​easy to use and clean – consists of a few easy to assemble and dismantle parts
  • ​juices large volumes in one juicing session,
  • ​takes up little space on a kitchen counter,
  • ​hideaway cord to save more storage space and allowing you to put the juicer in a drawer,
  • ​clean, efficient juicing – doesn’t spit pulp and juice all over the counter and walls


  • ​not quick enough – well, this is not a commercial-grade machine designed to cope with bags of oranges. Other users however stated that the unit works just fine for them, doing the juicing quickly and neatly.
  • ​motor sometimes struggles (it occurs with all similar citrus presses if you use too much pressure on the fruit, the trick is to let the juicer do the job with you gently pressing the fruit downward and it will work smoothly extracting as much juice as possible with this type of juicer)

Price of the Black & Decker CitrusMate Plus Juicer, Model CJ525: cc. $13 – $25, Warranty: 1 year on all parts.

Other Citrus Juicers by Black & Decker

Black & Decker HJ30 Handy Citrus Juicer (HJ28 29 and 30, HJ31)

The Handy Juicer comes with a 28 oz. (830 ml) pitcher. The electric unit is powered by a 40-watt motor.

Its features are almost identical with that of the CitrusMate juice presses reviewed above:

  • ​small and large cones,
  • ​auto-reverse reamer for better juice yield,
  • ​storage cover,
  • ​cord holder integrated in the bottom of the base – you need to press the Lock tab to remove the cover and access the cord
  • ​seed filter,
  • ​removable parts can be cleaned in dishwasher (on the top rack).

​ TIP: find more dedicated citrus juicers including manual presses and electric reamers.

Other citrus presses by Black & Decker are the model CJ600 which has 22 Watt power, or the CJ625 (30-Watt)

The most decorative piece of this line of fruit juice presses is the Black & Decker Stainless Steel Citrus jucier with 40-watt power.

This unit also contains 2 cones: a larger one for big oranges and grapefruits, and the standard size for lemons and limes. The self-reversing cones squeeze out every drop from the fruits.

The stainless steel snap-up spout is a useful feature: just lift it when you finished juicing to prevent dripping.

The removable juicing parts can be placed in dishwasher for cleaning.

Price: cc. $30.

Black & Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juicing Machines

Apart from citrus presses Black & Decker also offers some great budget vegetable and fruit juice extractors which are centrifugal units:

Black & Decker JE 1200 Juicer

This unit juices many types of fruits (apples, citrus fruits, pineapple) and veggies (carrot, beetroot, celery). The centrifugal jucier does jucing quickly. It separates the pulp from the juice automatically into a plastic container ensuring continuous juicing. The fresh juice flows into a 16-oz. (480 ml) plastic jar.

This is a cheap juicer that is good for basic juicing tasks but there are other better equipped units on the market. Cleaning this model is a bit tedious and the small feeding chute requires you to cut the produce into tiny pieces.

The safety latches prevent unwanted start of the appliance since it can be started only if the lacthes are securely clamped into place.


  • ​Height: 10.25″
  • ​Width: 7.25″
  • ​Depth: 10″
  • ​The hosuning of the JE1200 has a pristine white colour. The blade and the screen are made of stainless steel.

Price: cc. $22 – $30. 1 year limited warranty.

Black & Decker Juicers – JE 1500 Fruit and Vegetable Juice Maker

This model is powered by a 400-Watt motor. It has 10 ounce capacity. Stainless steel disc blade and screener are housed in a white plastic body.

Some of the pros of the B & D JE 1500:

  • ​Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • ​Cleaning can be done quickly once you get used to the process – use a brush to get rid of the pulp stuck in the strainer holes
  • ​Clean, pulp-free juice that tastes great when drank immediately after juicing.


  • ​The unit rotates too fast leaving many unprocessed veggie and fruit chunks behind.
  • ​The white housing gets stained by carrots and oranges which cannot be removed by simple wash and rinse.
  • ​The feeding chute is about 2.5 “x 1″ which is not very big so you need to cut the produce into smaller pieces.
  • ​Some users say that juicing with this amchine is messy and cleaning is lengthy – in my opinion this is the case with any other juicer machine.
  • ​A bit loud.


  • ​Height: 12″
  • ​Width: 9″
  • ​Depth: 6″

Price: cc. $25 – $37. This is not a fancy machine and it does what it was designed for. Not a bad choice for beginners or for those who can’t allow to spend hundreds on a juice extractor.

Black & Decker JE 2050 Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

Black & Decker BM300 Juice Wizard

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