Champion Juicers

A Versatile Juice Extractor

Champion juicers have been around since 1955. The manufacturer (Plataket Manufacturing Co.), a family-run company, is located in California.

There are Champion juicer models for both domestic and commercial purposes. The many decades of development and manufacturing experience ensures the exceptional high quality of Champion juice extractors.

Since the first model the manufacturer has continually improved its units so that they can extract the highest possible juice yield from the produce that has high nutrient content and tastes delicious.

Read along to learn about the various Champion juicer models and to decide which one will be the right for you.

Main Features and Benefits of Champion Juicers

  • Champion juicers are masticating type machines that make more nutrient-rich juice than centrifugal juice extractors. The darker, richer color of the juice indicates higher vitamin, enzyme and mineral content. The pulp is however paler than that of made by a centrifugal machine. The masticating method slowly breaks down the produce cells by crushing and chewing up the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces.
  • You can juice with it almost all kinds of fruits and veggies including wheatgrass and leafy greens (spinach, parsley) and herbs.
  • The strong motor (the Champion 2000+ has a 540-watt motor) provides the power necessary for effectivel mastication and juice extraction from the produce. Both the domestic and commercial models run at 1750 RPM.
  • Durable stainless steel body and parts (cutter with blades, shaft) will not only last long, but resist food odor and stains.
  • Warranty: the Champion 2000+ Household Juicer has 5 year limited warranty on parts and 3 years on the motor.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning – Assembly and disassembly of Champion juice extractors is trully effortless. There’s a floating cutter mounted on the shaft that separates the juice from the pulp without having to stop the machine for cleaning. You won’t need nuts, bolts, and screws and there’s no tedious assembly process to get the machine going. Champion juicers aren’t dishwasher-safe but you can dismantle the machine and rinse the parts in no time.
    One minor disadvantage of the Champion 2000 juicer is that operating it requires some muscle power wich is not good for elderly people suffering from arthritis.
  • The wide feeding mouth (1 3/4″) allows you to add whole produce without spending time on cutting up into smaller pieces.
  • Versatility – Just like most other masticating type juicers with various attachments the Champion can be altered to a grain mill, pasta, sauce or baby food maker. The attachments are also very simple to integrate. Just remove the screen and you have a mincer.
  • Parts are easy to get and reasonably priced. If you use the juicer very often (on a daily basis) then you’ll probably need to replace the cutter in about 18-24 months, but if you use it only once in a while then the cutter will be sharp for at least 10-15 years. The replacement cutter blade for a Champion juicer costs around $31 – $35.

Available Models & Related Offers

Comparing the Various Models

Basically there is the household unit and the commercial model, with the main difference that the commercial one is slightly more heavy-duty and powerful than the domestic model.

Champion Juicer for Home Use, Model 2000+ (G5-NG-853-S,)

This model is available in 4 colors:

  • white (Model: 2000WH)
  • almond (Model: 2000AL)
  • silver (Model: 2000SL), and
  • black (Model: 2000BK).


  • Height: 13 inches from bottom to top of the feeding chute
  • Length: 16″
  • Width: 7.5″

Weight: 26 pounds

Price: The household model sells for around $200 – $230.

Champion Commercial Juicers (Model: G5-PG710)

Price: the commercial models cost around $230 – $270.

Consumer Reviews of Champion Juicers

It received good reviews and ratings (4.5 out of 5) on large online shopping sites (e.g. Amazon).

The motor and the whole appliance is very reliable even after many years of use. Due to continuous juicing and the well-engineered structure, it doesn’t get clogged. Many reviewers have their Champion unit for more than 15 years and the machine still works very well, without any having had to repair or replace parts.
Note: one problem a user observed is that the manufacturer doesn’t support older models really well- blades and accessories for discontinued models might be difficult to find.

The pulp is dry enough but you can run through it once more to extract the residual juice. The Champion 2000+ doesn’t juice wheatgrass and is not as good at juicing green leaves or herbs as other juicers (twin gear machines), so it is not recommended for raw food eaters and strict vegans.

Juicing citrus fruits with the Champion gets a rather frothy juice.

Although juicing is messy with the Champion (it is with most other juicers) but the clean up is really uncomplicated.

The machine is rather bulky and has a utilitarian style (the newer models have more contemporary, sleeker design), and the plastic covered parts do get stained.

All in all Champion juicers worth the price although it sure has some weaknesses, but it works as it is advertised by the manufacturer. Great for uninterrupted juicing because you can throw in larger pieces of produce without having to stop to remove pulp or to clean the appliance.

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