Citrus Juicers

Selection of the Best Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit Juice Makers

If you love freshly made citrus juices (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime and tangerine) then a dedicated citrus juicer comes handy in your kitchen.

What can be better to boost your energy in the morning than a glass of natural citrus juice cocktail?

It’s full of vitamins and other nutrients (especially Vitamin C, niacin, bioflavonoids, calcium, potassioum) and there’s enough sugar in it to provide you wih the necessary energy needed to start a day.

Many types of citrus juicers are available on the market including cheap citrus juice presses, electric juice extractors, and shiny steel lever orange juicers.

For juice bars, and cafes commercial citrus juicers are recommended that are capable of continuously making large volume of juice .

Here’s a selection of the best citrus juicers depending on type and price category.

Types of Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit Juicers

Manual citrus presses are simple appliances designed to make low volume of citrus juice.

There are cheap plastic citrus squeezers and elegant, metal orange and lemon presses. In case of a manual citrus reamer, you cut the fruits into half and press it against the appropriate part of the unit to squeeze the juice out of the fruit.

Manual reaming tends to be rather messy and it isn’t the most effective way to produce large quantities or orange or lemon juice.

Electric citrus juciers plug into a power outlet and automatically ream out the liquid content of the fruit.

This method yields more juice than manual reamers. You can use an electric reamer dedicated to juicing only citrus fruits, or an electric fruit and vegetable juicer (centrifugal juice extractors are better at processing citrus fruits than auger-type units).

Pulpy or Clean Citrus Juice (Pulp-Free Watery Juice Drink)

Depending on the method used to obtain juice from citrus fruits there are two kinds of citrus juices regarding consistency and pulp content.

  • Pulp-free orange, lemon, grapefruit etc. juice is made from peeled citrus fruits (both the colored outer rind and the white layer underneath are removed) – the juice is extracted only from the the juicy inner parts – this way a great percentage of the fruits’ nutrient content is lost because the white pith under the outer skin of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines, and limes is extremely rich in vitamins such as Vitamin P, a bioflavinoid known for strengthening the cell and capillary walls. This article discusses juicers that make pulp-free, watery citrus juices.
  • Pulpy, Whole Orange Juice – this type of citrus juice is made of citrus fruits of which the outer rind is removed but the white skin (pith) is left on. The juice is more thicker and creamier and contains a higher level of nutrients (bioflavinoids, minerals) than the watery citrus juice.This type of juice can be made with fruit and vegetable juicers (both centrifugal juice extractors and masticating style units).

Recommended Citrus Juicers – The Best Brands & Models

Manual Citrus Presses – Best-Value

OrangeX Juicer

The OrangeX (aka Jupiter Mid-Size Citrus Press or the Olympus Commercial Juicer) is one of the best manual citrus presses designed for easy juicing of oranges and other citrus fruits and even pomegranates.

This is a professional, commercial-quality juicer which is made of cast iron and comes with a stainless steel filter and basket. The patented lever mechansim is capable of making 25% more juice than other similar hand-operated juice presses.

There are OrangeX models for home use (today is sold under the Jupiter brand name) and for commercial application (available as Olympus juicer) in juice shops, cafes and health bars. It is available in white and black colors. The OrangeX is a well-built citrus juice maker that is easy to use and clean.

Price of the OrangeX (Jupiter) citrus press: it is available in the $120 – $150 price range and carries 7-year warranty.

Hamilton Beach Manual Citrus Juicer, Model 932

This is a commercial-grade citrus press designed for effortless juicing of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes and tangerines. The rack and pinion construction is sturdy and lets you exert up to 2000 lbs. pressure without much physical exercise on your part.

You just place the peeled fruit in the cone, press down the easy-grip handle and the juice is squeezed from the fruit into a glass.

It handles mid-sized oranges and grapefruits, limes, lemons well, but it is less efficient on larger oranges and grapefruits. When you remove the glass, a cup swings into place to collect drips which saves cleaning the counter.

After use the strainer cone and funnel can be easily removed for cleaning (a thorough wash under running water).

The metal juicer has chrome and enamel finishes that

are resistant against wear, easy to clean and add elegant look to the unit. The Sure-Grip base and feet prevents skidding and it won’t leave marks on the countertop.

Price of the Hamilton Beach 932 Manual Citrus Press: cc. $140 – $240 with 1-year warranty – it is more expensive than the OrangeX, but if you find a sale or deal somewhere than it is worth the price.

Electric Citrus Juice Extractors

Breville Citrus Juicer – Model 800CPXL

It is one of the sleekiest motorized citrus presses on the market. The Breville 800CPXL has brushed stainless die-cast steel housing and a graceful, easy to grip handle. The steel construction won’t be stained and corroded by citrus acids, wipes easily, ensuring that the jucier will look shiny after many years of use.

The patented Quandra-Fin™ cone is designed to juice all sorts of citrus fruits in any size and shape. There were 20 prototypes of the cone before the final, perfect construction was achieved.

The Breville citrus press is equipped with dual safety switch that prevents the cone from spinning until both the arm is lowered and enough pressure is exerted.

The spout where the jucie comes out can be closed after jucinig to prevent dripping. The Breville 800CPXL citrus jucier is compact, convenient to use and clean and it looks attractive. It takes only a couple of seconds to make a delicious fresh orange or other citrus juice with this electric reamer.

Price of the Breville 800 CPXL Citrus Press: cc. $150 – $220, comes with 1 year warranty.

Omega Electric Citrus Juicers

Omega is well-known for its quality fruit and vegetable juciers (centrifugal and auger-style). For the centrifugal Models 500, 1000 and 9000 Omega offers citrus attachment for around $45 – $50.

It transforms the juicer into a dedicated citrus juice extractor. The attachment gears the juicer from 3600 RPM to 250 RPM. Note: the attachment doesn’t work with Omega 4000 or with the Omega 8000 series.

Some older models by Omega are designed for juicing citrus fruits: the Omega 5000 is a professional citrus juicer, a centrifugal model that operates at 250 rpm, powered by a 1/3 HP induction motor. It is designed to process large quantities of citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits.

It is approved for both commercial and household use, and is available for around: $140 – $180 with 10-year warranty. The Omega 5000 is a good, dependable unit that will work as an efficient citrus juice maker for many years without breaking down.

The Omega 500 and the Omega 1000 juicers are two other affordable centrifugal citrus juice extractors (cc. $160 – $200) that are operated by a brushless GE motor (1/3 horsepower, 3600 rpm). The only difference between the two models is that the Model 500 has durable, white plastic bowl (blade and strainer basket are high-quality stainless steel) while the Model 1000 is all stainless steel.

TIP: read a detailed review on the Omega 9000 centrifugal juicer.

Braun Citrus Juicers

Braun has a couple of electric citrus press models made of plastic which are compact in design and are quick to clean.

  1. 1
    Braun MPZ22 Citromatic – it is a reamer-type electric citrus juice maker. Powered by a 60-Watt motor this compact gadget (only 9″ high) takes up little space. Price: cc. $70 – $75. The MPZ22 presses the juice directly into a glass placed under the spout. If you have to stop juicing for some reason the spout snaps into a lock position to prevent dripping.
  2. 2
    Braun MPZ6 and MPZ9 citrus presses – these 2 models (both are 20-watt) have adjustable pulp control and the juice is collected into a container not in a glass. By turning the jucie container on the base you can regulate the pulp content of your citrus juice. The MPZ6 is a smaller capacity unit: it can hold 350 ml juice, the MPZ9′s container measures 1 liter.
  3. 3
    Braun MPZ7 Citromatic Jucier (discontinued, though you can find some on online retailer sites) – this is a 20-watt citrus press with a 600 ml (20 oz.) pitcher. Ideal for making a 2-3 glasses of fresh orange or other citrus juice.

L’Equip Citrus Juicer, Model 206

A computer-controlled induction motor (110-Watt) operates this cool-looking juice maker which resembles a penguin. The motor senses the speed of the reamer and automatically adjust it as required.

The juice flows into two glasses simulataneously from the two arms of the penguin on the sides of the unit. The cone/strainer and the tubes inside the spouts are made of stainless steel, while the outside is durable black and grey plastic.

Price: cc. $80 – $120. Despite the cool design, the L’equip 206 electric citrus jucier hasn’t received good reviews: complaints: the welds of the spouts break easily, leaks if arms-sprouts aren’t attached firmly.

Waring Professional PCJ201 Citrus Juicer

This is a professional-grade juicer ideal for smaller cafes and bars.

Powered by a 250-Watt motor the Waring Pro PCJ201 juices all kinds of citrus fruits. The compact size is space-efficient making it an ideal choice for those who want a juicer that takes up little space.

Sturdy metal base ensures stability and fairly quiet operation. The rubber feet dampens vibration and prevents skidding.

The universal reamer accepts citrus fruits of all sizes. The jucier bowl and reamer can be taken off easily for manual rinse or cleaning in dishwasher.


Weight: 9 lbs.

Price of the Waring Pro PC201 Electric Citrus Press: cc. $70 – $110, comes with 5 year warranty on motor and 1 year limited warranty on rest or the appliance.

TIP: See also the L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer, Model 110.5 and the L’Equip Big Mouth Juicer, Model 215 XL.

The Best Inexpensive Citrus Juicers – Between $20 – $ 100

Manual Citrus Presses

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a citrus juicer and you plan to juice only a couple of lemons or limes for a cocktail then consider getting a handheld citrus press which costs only $15 – $35. You just cut the fruit into half, place in the plate and squeeze it by pressing the handles together with your hands. This is a no-fuss way of making small volume of citrus juice for a cocktails or a marinade.

Norpro Stainless Steel Citrus Juice Press

It is one of the most inexpensive citrus presses which you can buy for around $35. It’s best for squeezing a few limes and lemons. It is sturdy stainless steel and tough enough that won’t break even if you use it daily. It is a small, handy kitchen tool, that you can store in a drawer.

The Amco Citrus Press is even cheaper (cc. $10 – $15): it is enameled aluminium and perhaps less sturdier than the Norpro SS but still does the job efficiently.

Norpro Stainless Steel Citrus Juice Press

It is one of the most inexpensive citrus presses which you can buy for around $35. It’s best for squeezing a few limes and lemons. It is sturdy stainless steel and tough enough that won’t break even if you use it daily. It is a small, handy kitchen tool, that you can store in a drawer.

The Amco Citrus Press is even cheaper (cc. $10 – $15): it is enameled aluminium and perhaps less sturdier than the Norpro SS but still does the job efficiently.

L-Press Citrus Juicer by Metrokane

Metrokane manufactures household products including juicers. The L-Press received its name after its unique L-shape. This hand-operated citrus press is constructed of powder-coated steel and has reinforced die-cast aluminium back.

Price: cc. $90 – $100, comes with a lifetime warranty on all moving parts. The lever-handle is able to do a 500-degree turn and can exert up to 1000 pounds of pressure. The grip of the lever-handle has rubber coating for more convenient use. A 25-ounce stainless steel juice pitcher is included. The L-Press juicer is easier to clean than an electric juice maker.

According to customer reviews the L-press doesn’t juice well; it is especially underperforms when juicing larger oranges. It is unable to extract all the juice out of the fruit, a great deal goes to waste.

There’s a similar citrus press from this manufacturer, the Metrokane Citrus Power Professional juicer, which has the same features as the L-press. It received better reviews although some users have complained that this model also tends to break easily.

Price of the Metrokane Citrus Power juice press: cc. $90 – $130

Metrokane Mighty OJ Manual Citrus Juicer

It has a shiny chrome finish and a retro design. The cone and funnel are stainless steel. The lever press can exert 600 pounds of pressure. Height: 7.5″, Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Price: cc. $50 – $60 with lifetime guaranatee on all moving parts. It is available in 3 finishes: all-chrome finish, white or black enameled base with chrome top and handle. Unfortunately users experienced the same problems as with the L-Press or the Citrus Power.

Electric Citrus Juicers-Reamers

There are several good electric citrus juicers for around $100 that perform well at juicing citrus fruits. Here’s a selection of the best-value units.

Black & Decker Citrus Juicers

The CitrusMate CJ01 citrus juicer or the Black & Decker CJ525 Citrusmate Plus are good-value, inexpensive electric reamers (cc. $15 – $25) that are rated high and received good reviews from users.

CitriStar Juicer

it is made by Tribest, a reputable manufacturer of fruit and vegetable juicers like the Green Star and SoloStar. The CitriStar has a universal reamer that juices all sizes of citrus fruits, from small limes and lemons to larger oranges and grapefruits. A 85-watt motor operates the unit. The auto start and off makes it very simple to use.

The CitriStar consists of a plastic top, ream, stainless steel strainer, plastic juice collector with a stainles steel locking spout and the motor base.

Price of CitriStar Juicer. cc. $40 – $50, 1-year warranty.

Quiet operation, ease of use, compact design and high performance of juicing citrus fruits makes CitriStar one of the best-value models in the electric category. It has some weaknesses, like you can operate it for 15 secs then have to stop juicing for 15 secs before you can continue, so it is not the unit if you want to do uninterrupted juicing.
Another flaw noted by one user is that the metal lip at the spout looks weakly fixed.

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer-CCJ 100 Pro

This is another small, cheap appaliance that is handsome (brushed stainless steel housing), but according to user reviews it seems to do a poor job at juicing citrus fruits.

With the anti-reverse reamer and the extra spin, it is said to be able to extract a higher level of juice from fruits and it is especially useful when you process larger oranges or grapefruits.

Parts can be washed in dishwasher but make sure you rinse the cone cover before placing it on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Washing the parts by hand can be done within a nick of time without much fuss.

You can place a large glass (no higher than 5 3/8″) sunder the spout to collect the juice. The spout can be snapped up to prevent dripping. There’s a cord storage on the bottom of the appliance.

The biggest problem with the Cuisinart CCJ 100 citrus jucier is that due to the high level of torque it spins and moves around the counter which can be prevented by putting a no-skid material underneath the unit. Another weakness is that the pulp had to be removed quite often preventing continuous use.

Dimensions: 11″ x 6.2″ x 6″, Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Price of the Cuisinart CCJ-100 Pro Citrus Press is around $15 – $40, comes with limited 3-year warranty. The instruction manual that comes with the unit contains several citrus juice and smoothie recipes.

Kitchenaid Citrus Juicer Attachment

It can be used with the Kitchenaid Stand Mixe: the plastic cone has a special strainer to catch pulp. It costs around $25 – $30. The advantage of using the Kitchenaid citrus attachment for juicing citrus fruits is that the Kitchenaid mixer is operated by a powerful motor so it is capable of continuous juicing of large quantities of oranges and other citrus fruits.

Commercial Citrus Juicers

For a high-volume use in cafes, restaurants and juice bars there are commercial-grade citrus jucie makers, both manual and electric models. Find out about the Best Commercial Citrus Juciers like Miracle, Waring JC3000, Sunkist, Remida or Frucosol.