Commercial Citrus Juicers

For Cafes & Juice Bars

​A wide range of commercial citrus juicers are available on the market designed for making larger quantities of fresh orange and other citrus juices in cafes and juice shops.

​To buy a commercial citrus jucier that best suits your needs you need to consider several factors, then you can compare the many brands and models available on the market.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Citrus Juicer

Juice Volume, Quality of Built – A commercial-grade citrus juice extractor should be sturdy and powerful enough to be able to make large volume of juice on a daliy basis.

Operating the juicer has to be simple, but the assembly and disassembly of a professional, high-volume citrus juice maker is slightly

​more complicated than that of a hosuehold-grade unit’s. This also stands for cleaning the unit, although most models are made of dishwasher-safe parts.

​Think through how much juice the juicer needs to make every day.

Type of the Juicer – there are cool-looking, hand-operated juice presses like the Orange X, as well as electric citrus juciers.

Placement – How much space you have for the appliance? Do you want a countertop unit or a bulkier, freestanding machine?

Price – citrus juciers designed for commercial use are more expensive than household units. This is due to the sturdier built and the higher quality of materials used to ensure dependable operation for extended use.

Warranty – always check the warranty period before buying – if all other features are equal a longer guarrantee period can be the the most important decision factor.

The Best Commercial Citrus Juicers – Heavy-Duty Continuos Citrus Juice Machines

Manual Commercial Citrus Juicer

Orange X Juicer (aka Olympus Commercial Citrus Jucier)

​The Orange X is one the best-known hand-operated citrus press. Its strength lies in the simple, no-fuss operation, and easy cleaning.

​This professional juicer is designed for heavy duty use in juice bars, cafes, restaurants, to make freshly squeezed, nutrition-rich citrus juice from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines or limes.

​Just place half a citrus fruit over the steel funnel, lower and push down the handle to squeeze the juice from the fruit into a glass.

​The seeds, pith and pulp are left behind in the strainer so you’ll get a 100% natural, pulp-free juice. The easy-grip, large handle is convenient to use. The base is fairly wide for greater stability. The OrangeX is manufactured from high-quality materials: the strainer and basket are acid-resistant stainles steel, while the rest of the machine is made of cast iron. OrangeX has a hosuehold model too, it is now called Jupiter juicer.

​The difference between the commercial-grade Olympus juicer and the household Jupiter model is that the Olympus is sturdier built thus it weighs a bit more and it is slightly taller: you can use a taller glass (up to 6.75″ high) to collect the juice. You can juice citrus fruits that measure up to 4″ in diameter, larger fruits need to be cut into quarters.

Dimensions of the Olympus (the former OrangeX) Citrus Press:

  • ​Height: 19.5″
  • ​Width: 7.5″
  • ​Depth: 11.6″
  • ​Weight: 22 pounds.

Price: cc. $140 – $180, carries 1-year warranty

Hamilton Beach Manual Citrus Juicer, Model 932

​This is another popular mechanical citrus jucier designed for commercial use. The Hamilton Beach 932 citrus juice press features a powerful rack-and-pinion design that allows the user to apply up to 200 pounds of pressure without having to exert yourself.

​It extracts juice very effectively from all kinds of citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemon, lime).

​The clear juice flows into a glass (up to 5.5″ high can be placed under the funnel), while the pith, skin, seeds are left behind in the strainer.

​When you finished with juicing one orange, the handle goes into “up” position allowing you to quickly process the next piece of fruit.

​After use, only the strainer cone and funnel need to be washed, which can be easily removed for a quick rinse under running water.

​There’s a swing-out drip cup that swivels into place when you remove the glass to collect drips to save cleaning the counter. Rugged metal construction (acid-resitant chrome and enamel finish) ensures problem-free, heavy-duty use.

  • ​Height: 19.5″
  • ​Width: 7″
  • ​Depth: 9″
  • ​Weight: 13 pounds.

Price (varies greatly depending on retailer): cc. $140 – $240, 1 year warranty.

Electric Commercial Citrus Juicers

​A wide range of electric citrus juicers are available. There are some good, commercial-quality units:

Waring offers several commercial-quality electric citrus juciers for making fresh citrus juices in bars and cafes:

Waring BJ120C

​It is similar to the household Waring Pro PC201 citrus jucier. The BJ210 features compact, space-saving design, powerful motor and universal reamer for effortless juicing of various sizes of citrus fruits.

​It can juice up to 120 oranges/hour. The unit includes a 1-liter juice container.

​It is UL-Approved and available in 220/240 Volt.


    • ​Height: 9.25″
    • ​Width: 7.25″
    • ​Depth: 7.25″
    • ​Weight: 11 lbs.

    Price: cc. $130 – $190

    Waring JC3000 Commercial Citrus Jucier

    ​Its reamer rotates at 1200 rpm allowing quick and efficient juicing of various citrus fruits with high output. The sturdy, direct-drive motor is housed in rugged polycarbonate housing.

    ​The rubber feet on the bottom of the unit reduce noise and vibration, ensuring stable use.

    ​The removable stainless steel juice bowl is dishwasher safe.

    ​The Waring JC3000 is a bit larger in height and weighs more than the model BJ120C. The difference between the Waring JC4000 and Waring JC3000 is that the Model JC4000 operates at 1800 rpm and it comes with a dome. Both units are UL-approved.


    • ​Height: 15.5″ (the Waring JC4000 is 19.5″ high because it comes with a dome)
    • ​Depth: 10″
    • ​Weight: 23 lbs.

    Price: cc. $470 – $550

    Miracle Commercial Citrus Juicers

    ​Miracle has a couple of bar citrus juicers suitable for high volume juicing of various citrus fruits in juice bars, health clubs, cafes, hotels, and hospitals.

    Miracle MJ71 Commercial Citrus Juicer

    ​It’s a universal citrus juice extractor powered by a 80 rpm motor. Well-constructed unit: the bowl and the base is made of hygienic and resistant polycarbonate.

    ​The MJ71 is a fairly compact machine (height: 12″, width. 7″, depth: 9″) that weighs only 7 lbs (13 kg). Up to 5″ high glass can be placed under the spout to catch the juice.

    ​It is a very easy-to-use and clean machine: the whole bowl assembly (including the cone, strainer, and bowl) can be lift off the base with a single movement.

    Price of the Miracle MJ71: cc. $300 – $360.Enter your text here...

    Miracle SAN38 Commercial Citrus Juicer with Drip Plate

    ​This model is a bit larger than the MJ71. It is run by a 150-Watt, 1500 rpm (50 Hz)-1800 rpm (60 Hz) single-phase motor.

    ​It is specifically designed for continuous juicing. The inclined body increases juice output.

    ​The base is hygienic aluminium alloy, the juice bowl is sturdy polycarbonate. It contains two juicing cones:

    • ​1 for lemons and oranges and
    • ​another one for grapefruits.

    ​The SANTOS 38 also has the same simple bowl constuction as the MJ71 that can be removed with one single movement. The spout is at 5″ height.

    ​The removable plastic drip tray catches drips at the end of juicing. CE, UL and NSF approved.

    Dimensions of the Miracle SAN38 Citrus Juicer

    • ​Height: 14″
    • ​Width: 7″
    • ​Depth: 12″ 
    • ​Weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)

    Price: cc. $480 – $520.

    Miracle SAN52 High Output Citrus Juicer

    ​This is a high performance citrus jucier designed for continuous use. Powered by a 260-watt, 1800 rpm motor the jucier can make 5 gallons (20 liters) juice in an hour (processes 200 oranges/hour).

    ​The SAN52 has heavy-duty construction made of stainless steel and chromed aluminium casting. The spout is located higher (at 8.3″) than the other two models’ discussed above, allowing you to collect the juice in a larger glass or pitcher.

    ​It is just as simple to use and clean as the other Miracle citrus juciers: no special maintenance is needed.

    ​It comes with 3 interchangeable cones (cones and juice bowl are stainless steel):

    • ​1 for limes
    • ​1 for lemons & oranges
    • ​1 for grapefruits

    ​The dome on the top prevents splashing.


    • ​Height: 19″
    • ​Width: 8″
    • ​Depth: 12″
    • ​Weight: 24 lbs. (11 kg)

    Price of the Miracle SAN52 commercial citrus juice extractor: cc. $700 – $800.

    Miracle SAN70 Lever Citrus Juicer

    ​This is a new addition to the Miracle line of juicers. All of the juicing parts of the Miracle SAN70 are made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel. The motor power is rated 350 watts.

    Price: cc. $800 – $900.


    • ​Height: 19.3″
    • ​Width: 9″
    • ​Depth: 16″
    • ​ Weight: 30 lbs.

    Miracle MJ500 Commercial Citrus Juicer

    ​This is one of the most popular high-volume juicing machines by Miracle. All parts that come into contact with the fruit are made of high-quality stainless steel.

    ​The spout is at 5″ height. The motor power is 260 watts. The extraction method is a combination of centrifugal force (1500 rpm) and mechanical pressing resulting in higher yield by squeezing the last drops out of the pulp.

    ​Featuring a Europen-cafe style design, the Miracle MJ500 will be an attractive and useful part of any cafe, hotel or jucie bar. It is best used for making fresh juice from oranges, lemons and small grapefruits.

    ​The jucier is constructed from cast aluminium and stainles steel. The appliance conforms with UL, CE and NSF standards.


    • ​Height: 15″
    • ​Width: 8″
    • ​Depth: 12″
    • ​Weight: 21 lbs

    Price: cc. $710 – $850.

    More Electric Citrus Juciers for Commercial Use

    Sunkist J1 Commercial Citrus Juicer

    ​The Sunkist J1 is a good mid-priced citrus juicing machine designed for commercial application. It can make 10-12 gallons of juice from pre-cut citrus.

    ​The juicer is a sturdy and attractive unit with chrome-plated steel housing and corrosion-resistant plastic bowl, spout and dome.

    ​The Sunkist J1/type 8 has 3 cone sizes for easy juicing of various citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits and lemons,/limes). The special metal strainer oscillates for more effective separation of the juice from pulp.

    ​Juicing with the Sunkist J1 is starightforward: turn on the unit and then place half a citrus fruit on the extracting bulb and hold it down until all the juice is extracted from it.

    ​The strong yet quiet 1/4 horsepower (1750 rpm) motor ensures dependable operation for many years.


    • ​Height: 17″
    • ​Depth:8″
    • ​Weight: 31 lbs.

    Price of the Sunkist J1 Citrus Juicer: cc. $540 – $590, 2 year warranty.

    Automatic Commercial Citrus Juicers

    Frucosol Commercial Citrus Juicer, F50 A

    ​This machine is robust but if you need a large volume of orange juice every day for extended use then a fully automatic Frucosol orange juicer might be the best choice.

    ​The automatic feature allows your staff to do other tasks (making coffee, tea, serving), while the juicer makes the fresh jucie. Besides oranges, the Frucosol can make juice from other fruits too: pineapples, grapefruits.

    ​The machine is made of mostly stainless steel with a few plastic parts. Maintenance is minimal because it was designed to contain very few moving parts, lowering the chance of break down and necessity for maintenance.

    ​The rugged motor is 3/4 HP (2800 rpm) and operates at slow rate ensuring problem-free, dependable operation.

    How Does the Frucosol Juicer Work?

    • A fruit basket on top of the unit contains the oranges or other fruits that you want to juice.
    • ​By pressing a button, the fruits roll down a ramp towards a blade that halves them.
    • ​Then the fruit halves are positioned to be pressed.
    • ​The juice is collected into a container, while thy pulp, seeds, and rinds are separated and thrown out into a waste collector at the side of the machine.
    • ​When all the fruits are processed from the basket the juicer turns off automatically.

    ​The Frucosol 50 can proceess around 25-30 fruits in a minute which equals to cc. 30 gallons of juice per hour. This is sufficient volume to be able to serve most cafes, bars, health clubs or restaurants. Note that the Frucosol can handle fruits that have a certain size: 2 1/4″-3 1/4″ diameter.

    ​A great advantage besides its quick, automatic juicing and reliability is that the juicing is done in front of the customers and they can see that the juice they ordered is freshly squeezed, 100% pure fruit juice, without any artifical colorings or preservatives.


    • ​Height: 29″
    • ​Width: 18″
    • ​Depth: 13″
    • ​Weight: 75 lbs.

    Price of the Frucosol Automatic Juice Extractor: Model F50 A costs around $3500, Frucosol F10 semiautomatic citrus juicer is around: $550 – $580.

    Remida Automatic Citrus Juicer

    ​This elegant and well-engineered electric orange press is designed for continuous, high volume juicing in commercial establishments.

    ​The shiny, polished stainless steel body features special hammered finish on the base and at the collar that will make the Remida a decorative piece in any cafe or restaurant.

    ​Besides the hammered finish, polished stainless steel model is also available.

    ​On top of its attractiveness, it does the job it was designed for with high efficiency. The 350-watt motor rotates the stainless steel cone and strainer assembly at high speed (1400 rpm) ensuring quick, effortless juicing of a variety of citrus fruits or pomegranate.

    ​What makes the Remida citrus jucier better than other similar units is that the top cone is spring loaded making it capable of processing citrus with varying skin thickness, producing maximum juice volume.

    ​The reamer cone is universal, so it accommodates all fruit sizes from small limes to large oranges or grapefruits.

    Cleaning the jucier doesn’t require much fuss, since the only parts that need to be washed are the one piece assembly of the cone/strainer and basket housing, all of which can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning after juicing.


    • ​Height: 360 mm (14″)
    • ​Width: 300 mm (11.8″)
    • ​Depth: 180 mm (7″)
    • ​Weight: 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs.)

    Price: hammered finish. cc. GBP 300, stainless steel finish cc. GBP 280.

    Juice Tree Fully Automatic Citrus Juicers Models 106-OJ & 900

    ​These machines are similar to the Frucosol. The Juice Tree can work through about 14 oranges in a /minute making cc. 1-1.5 quart juice/minute, 80 quarts/hour.

    ​The juice container’s volume is 8 quarts. The hopper can hold 40 lbs oranges.

    ​Hydraulic pressure is applied to squeeze the juice out of the fruit and it is capable of handling different sizes of citrus. Available in 110 Volt/60 Hz and in 220 Volt/50-60 Hz.

    ​The Juice Tree 106-OJ is equipped with four wheels for easy portability (Model 900 doesn’t have this feature).

    Dimensions – Juice Tree 106-OJ

    • ​Length: 48″
    • ​Width: 19.5″
    • ​Height: 66.75″
    • ​Weight: 200 lbs

    Price: cc. $9800

    Dimensions – Juice Tree 900

    • ​Length: 40″
    • ​Width: 19.5″
    • ​Height: 62.5″

    Price: cc. $12 200.