Green Star Elite Juicer

Model GSE-5000 – A Good & Cheaper Alternative to the Norwalk Juice Press

The Green Star Elite Juicer (model GSE-5000) is high-quality twin-gear juice extractor with the highest juice yield among these types of juice machines. The heavy-duty dual augers with bio-magnets inside, combined with three-stage juice extraction ensure very high juice volume that is attested by the sawdust-dry pulp. The new modern look and the improved assembly-disassembly mechanism makes the Green Star Elite favorite by many juicing enthusiasts.


If you’re looking for a vegetable juicer that extracts the highest volume of juice with the highest content of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients, and that is easier to use than the Norwalk juice press then the Green Star Elite juicer is the best choice. The Elite yields more juice than the other models in the Green Star range: the GS-1000, GS-2000 and GS-3000.

Although it juices firmer fruits, it is best used for juicing vegetables, wheatgrass, barley grass and sprouts. A fruit attachment is available for processing softer fruits (costs cc. $13 – $15).

Green Star Elite Juicer Review- Features, Pros & Cons, Rating

The Story

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Features at a Glance

  1. Method of Juicing: masticating twin gear process in 3 stages, bio-magnetic technology for increased juice volume, maximum nutrient content and longer shelf life
  2. Motor power: 190 Watt (1/4 horsepower)
  3. Revolution speed: 110 rpm
  4. Construction:
  5. Gear Material: heavy-duty (HD) twin stainless steel + plastic gears with magnets and bioceramic parts integrated in their core Sturdy white plastic housing, metal strainers in plastic frame,
  6. Gear size: 7″
  7. Feed tube: 1.5″ x 1.5″, square shape
  8. Dimensions (Lx H x D): 21.5″ x 10″ x 17″
  9. Weight: 34 lbs.
  10. Colors: white plastic housing
  11. Price range: US$ 530 – 580.
  12. Warranty: 5 years

Green Star Elite Juicer, GSE-5000, Twin -gera Juice Machine with 3-stage Juicing

What Can You Juice with it?

  1. Fruits: yes (softer types are better juiced with the fruit attachment)
  2. Citrus: yes with fruit attachment
  3. Vegetables: yes (carrots are the most difficult to juice with the Elite)
  4. Leafy Greens – yes
  5. Wheatgrass – yes though if you want to juice mostly wheatgrass then a single auger juice machine will be better

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  1. high juice yield, very dry pulp
  2. fresh, delicious juice full of live nutrients (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, bioflavonoids)
  3. simple to use
  4. good alternative to a two-step, hydraulic press juicer such as the Norwalk
  5. less clogging
  6. solid construction


  1. cleaning is a bit of a hassle
  2. no cord storage
  3. plastic parts (stains easily unlike other premium stainless steel juicers)

Overall Rating:

4.0 / 5




Juicing Efficiency

The two well-sized and sturdy gears (1 inch longer than the other Green Star model gears) process the added produce in 3 stages for maximum efficiency.

#1 Stage – Crushing – the stainless steel half of the gears crush the vegetables and breaks up the cell membranes preparing the produce for the 2nd stage.
#2 Stage – Mixing and Grinding – the second half of the gears is heavy-duty plastic augers – the first part of which mixes and grinds the crushed produce further opening up the cell membranes
#3 Stage – Squeezing – the second part of the white augers exerts high pressure to wring out as much juice as possible.

The teeth of the gears have specially designed recesses and cutting points that help in the crunching and grinding of firmer vegetables, increasing efficiency and preventing jamming.

Green Star Elite Juicer - Twin Gears

These features make juicing easier and put less strain on the motor.

Juice Quality

The 3-step juice extraction combined with the bio-magnetic technology used in previous Green Star models

This innovative twin-gear technology extracts more live juice with higher nutrient content while increasing the storage life of the juice.

Bio-magnetic Technology for Fresher and More Nutritious Juice

The gears turn at slow rate (max. 110 rpm) eliminating the mixing of oxygen into the juice thus preventing oxidation of nutrients and heat build-up. The result is more stable juice that tastes delicious even after a couple of hours storing in the fridge.

The center of each gear contains a series of in-line magnets creating a magnetic field that rearranges water molecules so that they’ll be able to absorb more nutrients from the veggie cells.

The rotation of the gears causes the bio-ceramic parts inside them to oscillate at the wavelength of far infrared light. This is also the wavelength at which water and nutrient molecules oscillate. The oscillation helps to preserve the vitamins and enzymes in their original form resulting in a longer lasting juice.

Food Safety – No Metal Scraps in the Juice

The dual gears’ plastic elements keep apart the stainless steel parts during rotation (keeping them at 0,004 inch apart). This prevents stainless steel scraps from getting into the juice.

What Does the Green Star Elite Juice?

As a result of the improved gear design and other innovative features the Green Star Elite is able to juice a wider range of produce from hard root veggies to stringy grass-type greens.

It became more efficient with fruits. There’s a soft fruit attachment (price: cc. $13 – $16) that can be bought separately if you want to enhance the extraction process of softer fruits (strawberries, raspberries, peaches etc.).

Pressure Adjustment in the Juicer – Ability to Juice More Types of Produce

With the outlet adjusting knob you can regulate how much pressure is exerted by the turning gears allowing you to juice a wide variety of produce: firmer veggies, leafy greens, wheat grass etc.

Versatile Machine – A Great Help in the Kitchen

Similarly to the other Green Star juicer models, the GSE-5000 is also capable of performing other tasks such as making pasta, breadsticks, mochi (rice bread), baby food, purees and fruit sorbets.

Durability of the Green Star Elite

It is a well-constructed juicer with heavy-duty augers and motor. The augers won’t get dull over time like the blades in a centrifugal juicer because the whole juicing process is done differently, at a slower speed that involves crushing and grinding, but no cutting so you won’t likely need to replace the augers.

The 200-watt motor works at a slow rate (110 rpm) but due to the construction the augers are able to exert a high level of crushing power to break up the vegetable cells and access all the goodies within. The way the gears are made (pocket recesses and cutting points on each tooth) ensure that firmer produce are processed more efficiently, causing less clogging and putting less stress on the motor increasing its operating life.

Some say that it would look much more elegant if the whole machine were made of stainless steel, after all it’s a high-end juicer. What’s more, the stainless steel parts are longer lasting and don’t get discolored. In my opinion the other benefits (very high extraction efficiency, high nutrient content, simplicity to use) easily compensate for this minor weakness.

If by any chance you experience a problem with your juicer, contact the manufacturer’s (Tribest Corp.) customer service that is very helpful and professional.

Warranty: 5 years (should be longer in case of such premium quality and pricey juicer).

Availability and Price of Parts & Acessories:

Should you need replacement parts, they’re available at Tribest, the manufacturer of Green Star juicers, and at larger juice machine retailers.

The twin gears for example cost $120. Both the fine and coarse screens cost $35.

Using the Juicer – Assembly, Disassembly, Cleaning

Putting together the machine has been made much easier than it is in the older Green Star models.

The new one-snap attachment of the twin gears in their housing with a latch mechanism instead of the complicated knobs in the older models makes disassembly and assembly really simple.

The Elite comes with two types of stainless steel screens:

  • coarser screen for most vegetables and greens, and
  • a screen with finer holes for juicing green leaves like spinach, lettuce, kale, wheatgrass and sprouts.

Depending on what you juice, simply adjust the outlet knob to increase or lower the pressure inside the machine to get more juice out of the produce.


If the safety hood isn’t placed on the juicer properly the machine won’t start, preventing unnecessary injuries caused by the turning gears.

How Noisy is the Green Star Elite Juice Extractor?

Since the machine operates at slow rate (110 rpm) it is less noisy than most other juicers, especially centrifugal units.

Cleaning the Juicer

Dual auger juicers aren’t the easiest and quickest to clean. Similarly to the other Green Star models, the Elite has some difficult to access nooks where produce fiber tends to stick. Use the cleaning brushes provided with the machine to get rid of pulp attached to the gears, screens and the inside of the housing.

Parts can be cleaned in dishwasher (unlike the GS-1000, GS-2000 and GS-3000 models). It is recommended to rinse the parts well and use the brushes to remove produce pieces before putting them in the dishwasher for more thorough cleaning.

One weakness of the Green Star Elite is that majority of the parts are made of plastic (unlike other high-end juice extractors like the Angel Juicer) that will get stained after a couple of use.

Video on Cleaning The Green Star Juicer

What Comes with Juicer?

  • Green Star GSE-5000 Juicer
  • fine screen
  • coarse screen
  • blank screen (for homogenizing)
  • outlet adjusting knob
  • glass pitcher
  • 2 plungers (plastic and wooden)
  • 2 cleaning brushes (flat and regular)
  • drip tray
  • detachable power cord
  • instruction manual


  • Soft fruit outlet adjusting knob (it works only with the Green Star Elite Juicer, model GSE-5000) – it helps juicing citrus fruits, apples, pears, kiwi more adequately. The soft fruit attachment looks the same as the outlet adjusting knob that comes standard with the Green Star Elite, only it has a dark green colored tip.
    Price: cc. $13 – $16.

Conclusion – Who Should Buy the Green Star Elite Juicer, Model GSE-5000?

The Green Star Elite is not for beginner juicers who are not sure whether they’ll juice regularly. It isn’t the easiest to use and clean (none of the dual auger juice machines are) so if you’re not sure whether juicing will be a regular activity in your life, I don’t recommend to start with a Green Star model. Neither it is recommended if you plan to juice mostly fruits (a centrifugal juice extractor will be a better choice in this case).

The Green Star Elite is for those who will be juicing lots of vegetables and leafy greens and want to get the highest yield from the produce. The highly effective extraction output will require you to juice and spend less on produce. So the slightly higher price point of the Elite should not deter you, because you’ll get back the extra cost by needing to buy less vegetables.

This juicer is also a good and less costly alternative to the difficult-to-use and bulky Norwalk juice press that is recommended for those who are doing the Gerson therapy.

Videos on the Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Juicer

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