Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe

A Cheap Centrifugal Juice Machine

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe is part of the much-advertised Power juicer line. It is an inexpensive centrifugal juice extractor that is called “deluxe” because of the shiny chrome finish (and the anti-drip spout). Note that most retailers advertise this model as a stainless steel unit while, apart from the blade and filter basket, it is made of sturdy-looking, molded plastic.

Let’s take a closer look at the features, pros and cons and the most frequent user complaints on the Power Juicer Deluxe.

Jack LaLanne Power Juice Deluxe Review – The Good & the Bad

Here’s a detailed review on the Power Juicer Deluxe describing all the pluses and minuses. It is based on user reviews published on online review sites. We poured over many reviews to pick the most important pros and cons and complaints mentioned most frequently by owners of the Deluxe model.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe, Model JLSSS Review

  • Method of Juicing: centrifugal, automatic pulp removal
  • Motor power: 250 Watt (0.33 horsepower)
  • Revolution speed: 3600 rpm, 1 speed setting
  • Material: plastic housing with silver finish
  • Feed tube: 3″
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 16″ x 12″ x 15.5″
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Colors: silver finish plastic base & receptacle, black plastic top, plastic pulp bin and plunger
  • Price range: $70 – $115
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty on motor, 90 days on other parts.

What Can You Juice with it?

  •  Fruits: yes, but not good with softer fruits/ripe peaches, berries etc.
  • Citrus: yes
  • Vegetables: yes, problems with softer veggies (e. g. tomatoes)
  • Leafy Greens - no
  • Wheatgrass - no

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • ​cheap,
  • ​adequately juices firm fruits (apples) and vegetables (carrots, celery, beets),
  • ​large feed chute (there are several other better juicers with wide feed tube. e.g. L’Equip 215 XL Big Mouth Juicer)


  • ​not as efficient at juicing as shown on TV, in some cases the pulp is fairly wet,
  • ​doesn’t process well softer items,
  • ​the pulp bin doesn’t align well with the lid resulting in pulp not going in the bin (messy) but on the counter/table,
  • ​spout is at two low – a larger glass won’t fit under it
  • ​clogging – sometimes the produce gets stuck and the juicer won’t work (you have stop the machine, unplug it and try to resolve the clogging or you have to take apart the machine).
  • ​fruit/veggie pieces tend to jump out of the chute if the plunger isn’t in it
  • ​not totally dishwasher safe (as advertised), chrome finish can rub off after a few use in the dishwasher (place in on the top rack of the dish washer),
  • ​lots of nooks in the lid and the pulp container) that are difficult to clean (pulp loves to stick to these places)
  • ​anti-drip spout is troublesome to clean
  • ​flimsy construction – plastic screw peg to which the blade and the filter is attached can break easily
  • ​bulky size
  • ​noise – although the motor is fairly quiet, the juicer can be fairly noisy during operation.
  • ​short warranty (90 days) on other parts than the motor, most other juicers carry at least 1 year warranty. Even if you’re entitled to a replacement part during the warranty period you have to pay the shipping costs to and fro (cc. $60).


Overall Rating:

​2.5 / 5




Juicing Efficiency

All Jack La Lane juicer models are advertised as high performance juicing machines that extract 30% more juice from the same produce than other similar units.

Reading so many complaints in consumer reviews regarding the limitations of Jack LaLanne juicers, including the Deluxe model, however should make one cautious before running out and buy one of these units.

Motor Power: Just like the other models, the Deluxe has a 250-watt motor that spins the stainless steel cutting blade at 3600 rpm. This motor output is barely enough for efficient juice extraction from a wide variety of produce.

TIP: You can get much better performing and higher quality juicers, with stronger motor for slightly more or the same amount of money as Jack LaLanne juicers cost.

For example the Juiceman Junior (JM400) Juicer (retails for around $70- $100) is operated by a 700-Watt motor, and juices a wide palette of fruits and veggies with ease.

What Does it Juice?

The manual of the appliance lists a range of produce that isn’t recommended for juicing in a Jack LaLanne Juicer.

It doesn’t juice wheatgrass, herbs and leafy greens well (isn’t designed for this job, neither are any of the other centrifugal juice machines, for juicing wheatgrass and greens you need a low-speed auger juicer (single or twin-gear) or a dedicated wheatgrass juicer.

Some people wrap the leaves (celery, beetroot leaves, spinach, lettuce, Swiss chards) around a firmer produce (celery or apple piece) and try to process it in the juicer but they have mixed results.

The Jack LaLanne Deluxe Juicer is Good at Juicing…

  • ​Apples and other firmer fruits (pear), Carrots, Celery, Beets – fairly high juice volume and dry pulp.

Average Juice Extraction from…

  • Oranges and other Citrus Fruits, Pineapple – pulp is a bit wet, doesn’t obtain as much juice as it could.

Not Good at Juicing…

  • Ripe, Soft Fruits (kiwis, mangoes, berries) and Soft Veggies (tomatoes) – the soggy pulp and tiny seeds tend to clog the filter holes.

Further Problems

The produce pieces often jump out of the chute if the plunger isn’t in it. Many times there are slices of produce on the blade at the end of juicing – a clear proof of inefficient process.

Using the Jack LaLanne JLSSS Power Juicer Deluxe


It is best to take apart the juicer at the sink, and make sure you have a waste bin handy.

  • ​Remove the pusher from the chute.
  • ​Lower the locking bar.
  • ​Remove the lid with pulp guard & pulp collector
  • ​Use the crescent tool to remove the blade. To do this, you need to align the pegs on the crescent tool to the holes in the blade. Press and turn counter-clockwise to unlock the blade. Then if you turn the crescent tool sideways it will become a magnet and slowly lifts the blade out (something the book doesn’t tell you).
  • ​Lift and remove filter.
  • ​Lift and remove the receptacle from the base.
  • ​Empty the pulp bin. (you can line it with a plastic bag prior to juicing to save washing – when you finished juicing just remove the bag with the pulp in it and put it in the waste bin/composter)

Assembling the Unit

  • ​Clean everything and reverse these steps to re-assemble.

Assembling the Unit

  • ​Clean everything and reverse these steps to re-assemble.


Clean-up does require some work and time but this is the case with most other juice extractors. It is best to rinse all parts well right after juicing to prevent pulp from getting stuck to the surfaces.

According to the manufacturer, all parts excluding the motor are dishwasher safe, however quite many users complained that the chrome finish started to flake off after a few washing in the dishwasher (this is not a problem with the all-white, plastic Power Juicer Classic, and the slightly more sophisticated Power Juicer Elite that has stainless steel body).

Even if you clean the parts in dishwasher (place them on the top rack away from the heating coil), rinsing is highly recommended.

Use a sturdy kitchen brush to remove pulp from the strainer holes. After a couple of use do a more thorough scrubbing (with a soapy kitchen sponge) of the plastic parts and the pulp bin to remove stains caused by colorful produce from all the tricky, hard-to-access places.

Let the washed parts dry before reassembly.

Clean the base occasionally with a slightly damp cloth. Although the non-drip spout looks like a cool feature it also means more cleaning work (see below).

Cleaning the Juice Spout

  • ​Find the removable juice spout locking mechanism on the bottom side of the receptacle. Note: Juice spout will be in the locked position.
  • ​Unlock the spout by turning the locking mechanism counter-clockwise, lining up notch with juicer spout hinge pivot arm.
  • ​Lift up juice spout carefully from receptacle and remove to clean.

Reattaching the spout:

  • ​Insert juice spout back into original position and turn the locking mechanism clockwise to lock into place.
    IMPORTANT: When reattaching juice spout back into original position, make sure it is in the locked position and tightly secured before use.

What Comes with the Juicer?

  • ​Base (contains the motor) with locking arms
  • ​Receptacle
  • ​Mesh filter (stainless steel in a plastic housing)
  • ​Blade – stainless steel disk, grinds the produce
  • ​Lid with Pul Guard and Chute – black plastic, covers the receptacle with the filter basket and blade in it
  • ​Pulp Bin – collects the pulp that comes out at the back of the machine
  • ​Pusher – plastic, for pushing down the produce pieces in the chute
  • ​Tool (Crescent shape) – for tightening and removing the blade
  • ​Manual and Recipe Booklet

Note: no juice jar is included, most other similar juicers come with it.

Conclusion – Should You Buy the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Deluxe?

Although heavily advertised, the Jack LaLanne Power juicers aren’t the best-value centrifugal juicers that you can get. They look good on TV and on the manufacturer’s website but the units have many limitations and received numerous user complaints (clogging, only good at juicing harder produce, not really dishwasher safe, spout is at too low, overheating, motor failure, screw peg breaks).

The Deluxe model (JLSSS) looks more appealing with its shiny look than the white Classic model but in reality it has the same plastic housing only with chrome finish. The only plus feature in the Deluxe is the moveable, non-drip spout that is however tricky to wash so it might not really an advantage over the Classic model. (The Express, Pro and Elite models also have this non-drip spout.)

The Jack Lalane Deluxe Juicer is a cheap, basic machine that we cannot wholeheartedly recommend, only if you find one at really low price and if you plan to juice only occasionally.

Official website: JLL Power Juicer

Alternatives to the Jack La Lane Power Juicer Deluxe

  • ​Acme Juicers - the 6001 Juicerator by Acme has a strong 1/4 HP motor and the whole unit comes with a 10-year warranty. Although the Acme Juicerator costs more but it is far more efficient and dependable than any of the Jack LaLane’s Power Juicers.
  • ​Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicers – perform far better and cost less than any of the Jack LaLanne Juicers. 800-watt motor provides runs the unit.
  • ​Waring Pro JEX450 Big Mouth Juicer – 850-watt motor operates this good-quality, affordable centrifugal juice extractor.
  • ​Waring Pro JEX 328 Professional Juice Extractor – 400-watt motor runs this automatic centrifugal juicing machine
  • ​Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juicer – a powerful centrifugal unit with a 600-Watt motor that sells for around $100 – $150.
  • ​ Juiceman Juicers – are similar to the Jack LaLane models but of better quality.