Juiceman JM400 Juicer

Two-Sped Centrifugal Juicer with Wide Mouth & Powerful Motor

The Juiceman JM400 Juicer is one of the two models sold as Juiceman Junior made and distributed by Salton Inc., a manufacturer of small household appliances in the USA. The Juiceman Jr JM400 is a low-priced, centrifugal juice extractor available for around $70-90.

Its strengths lie in the user-friendliness, fairly strong 700-Watt motor with 2 speed settings for fast, effortless juicing, wide feed chute that reduces or eliminates cutting the produce into smaller chunks, and a very friendly price that makes juicing fresh fruits and vegetables affordable for those on tight budget.

Features, Pros & Cons of the Juiceman JM400 Juicer

  • 700-Watt Motor (0.93 horsepower) provides the necessary centrifugal force for efficient and quick extraction of juice from a wide range of produce.
  • 2 Speed Settings – you can set the machine to operate either at High speed or at Low speed: the High speed is recommended for juicing harder produce like carrots, celery, beets, and ginger. Running at Lower speed, the juicer will cope better with softer fruits and veggies: citrus fruits, peaches, grapes, melon, tomatoes, cucumber. There’s a control button on the side to adjust the speed level.
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection – the high level of centrifugal force squeezes every drop out of the pulp ground by the blade and the dry pulp automatically drops out at the back of the unit into a plastic container.
  • Stainless steel mesh filter and basket
  • Large Feed Tube – the feed tube is fairly wide in diameter, allowing you to add the produce either whole (apples, pears, oranges etc.) or in large chunks. This reduces preparation time and accelerates the whole juicing process. Note, however that by throwing in whole pieces you won’t notice if the core is rotten. Another con of juicing whole, unpeeled produce (e.g. oranges) is that the rind tends to make the juice bitter. In case of apples, pears, peaches etc., it’s best to leave the skin on since it contains most of the vitamins providing you with a nutrient-packed juice. To ensure that you extract the max. vitamins from citrus fruits, without making the juice taste bitter, peel the outer rind as thinly as possible: the white part under the rind still abounds in vitamins and other nutrients. So add fruits and veggies whole only when you’re in hurry, and the produce looks completely healthy (always wash the produce well before juicing).
  • Rubber Feet – the base’s bottom has rubber feet to add stability to the juicer during operation and to prevent skidding and hopping around the counter.
  • See-Through Plastic Lid – and the Chrome-Plated Housing lend a nice contemporary look to the Juiceman JM400 juicer.
  • Safety Interlock Switch – this safety feature allows the machine to start only if it is assembled correctly.

Juicing with the Juiceman JM400 Juicer

The JM400 juicer is very easy to put together, detach and reassemble. Using it is very straightforward, too: make sure the latch arm locks into place securely, holding down the lid, then place the pulp bin at the back of the juicer where the pulp comes out, put the juicer jar (a 3/4-quart jug comes with the appliance) under the spout, plug in the machine and you can start adding the well-washed produce through the feed chute, gently pushing the pieces downward with the plastic plunger.

The Juiceman JM 400 works through apples, carrots, pineapple, celery, oranges as a breeze. Clean, almost pulp-free, fresh juice will come out at the spout into the jar.

The jar comes with a froth separator (a lid) that you place on top of the jar if you prefer your juice less foamy. You can make quite a large volume of juice with this machine within a few minutes.

You can experiment with various fruit and veggie combos: using 5-6 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Popular ingredients to make a mixed juice drink are: apples, oranges, carrots, to which you can add a mid-sized beetroot to enrich the juice with dark red bioflavonoids and antioxidants.

The JM400 and all other centrifugal juice extractors aren’t meant for processing leafy greens and wheatgrass but you can try other green produce: like cucumbers or zucchini.

Cleaning the machine doesn’t require much effort and time. After unplugging the unit, take it apart, and rinse the removable parts (lid, blade, basket, and bowl) in warm running water.

Always wash the juicer immediately after you used it, so that the produce fiber will come off easily. To eliminate cleaning the pulp container, put a plastic bag in it before juicing, and the pulp will be collected in the bag which you can simply lift and remove at the end of juicing.

As with any other juicer machine, the mesh filter is the most problematic part to wash but a sturdy kitchen brush will do the job.


  • ​Height: 18″
  • ​Weight: 12 lbs.

Price: it is available for around $70 – $90 with 1 year warranty period. Try to look for one that has extended warranty.

User Reviews on the Juiceman JM400 Juicer – Why Do People Love this Juicing Machine?

Although the price might indicate that it is a cheap unit, users are fairly satisfied with it. Here are the strengths and weaknesses mentioned most frequently by owners of the Juiceman JM400:


  • ​Simple to use and clean
  • ​Powerful motor
  • ​Juices fast – works well with a wide variety of produce
  • ​It isn’t too big
  • ​Stainless steel parts won’t stain
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​a bit loud
  • ​the pulp is fairly wet
  • ​softer fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) will come out as puree (try to alternate these type of fruits with firmer veggies, e.g. carrots, celery for better results)

Conclusion – Is the Juiceman JM 400 a Good Juicer?

Based on the favorable reviews it received, the Juiceman JM 400 juicer is an inexpensive good-value machine that makes juicing affordable for a wide range of people. It is a good entry-level juicer that allows you to provide for you and your family’s daily vitamin intake.

Juicing is a great way to ensure that your kids receive the necessary nutrients. Even if they don’t like fruits and vegetables, it’s highly probable that they’ll love the fresh, sweet juice made of them.

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Similar Juicing Machines

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  • ​Waring Pro JEX450 Juicerator – regarding price and features this unit is very much alike that the Juiceman JM 300 or JM400.
  • ​Waring Pro Juicer, Model JEX328 – has half the motor power of the model JEX450 but it still a good performing juice extractor and has extra large 3.5″ wide feed chute.
  • ​L’Equip Mini, Model 110.5 – a small, very fast centrifugal machine.
  • ​L’Equip 215 XL-Big Mouth Juicer- another quick machine by L’Equip with large feed tube (3″).
  • ​Hamilton Beach Juicers – cheaper than the other models but powered by 350-800 Watt motor. The best model is the Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Juicer with 800-watt motor and 3″ wide feed chute for fast, no-cutting-necessary juicing
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Non-Ejection Type:

  • ​Omega 9000 Centrifugal Juicer – despite the fact that the pulp isn’t automatically removed from the juicing bowl, the Omega 9000 is still a high performance juicer that carries 15 years warranty.