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Find out the Pros & Cons of the Most Popular Juice Extractors

Juicer reviews and ratings published on this site can help you select a juice extractor the best suits your needs and budget.

Our reviews are independent of any manufacturer or dealer, helping you gather unbiased information to make a well-founded buying decision.

There is a confusingly wide array of juicers offered by retailers and without some information about certain brands and the various models,

finding the right unit might seem difficult at first. On our site you’ll find reviews and ratings on all the best-selling juicers but we also reviewed some lesser-known machines so that you can compare them to the pricier, famous models

How to Use Reviews & Ratings on JoyfulJuicer.com

​ As you can see the Top Juicer Brands menu on the top leads you to main pages of the most popular makes (Omega, Breville, Champion, Jack LaLanne, Juiceman, Waring Pro, Acme, Samson, Green Star etc.) containing a detailed overview of each brand and its juicer models including the major features and benefits, price range, main strengths/weaknesses and opinions of users. You can also find information and reviews based on method of juicing (centrifugal, masticating, single auger, twin-gear, and hydraulic press).

From where we gather all this information you may ask?

Since we are dedicated juicers for a couple of years now we have bought and tried several models about which we have first-hand information, but we certainly don’t plan to buy all makes and models available on the market.

For juicers about which we don’t have first-hand information we compile data from the manufacturer, ask the opinion of actual users (friends, family, colleagues) and we also read reviews published on other sites to extract the most important parts (pros and cons, major benefits/weaknesses) to present them in an easily understandable, structured form.

We do all the work to save you time and make your search for the best juicer less tedious.

Browsing and reading reviews published on our site help you learn a lot about the major brands, models, identify which are the most reliable manufacturers, and which unit fits your budget and lifestyle the best.Most likely if a certain model has some problems consumers will talk about it. On our pages you’ll find all the major pros and cons reported by users.

Don’t forget that even the best appliances have their own weaknesses that the manufacturer or retailer won’t advertise in the product description.

Our Review & Rating System – Why Use our Reviews to Select the Best Juicer for your Needs?

Many juicer brands and models are available today that makes research a daunting task. A majority of reviews found online are provided by businesses that sell the juicers they publish a review on.

They tend to write glossed over reviews because it isn’t in their interest to tell you the weaknesses of an appliance they want you to buy. Even worse is when online retailers only copy and paste the information provided by the manufacturer and you’ll find the same, oftentimes hyped juicer description all over the internet.

There are of course the large review sites like Amazon or Consumersearch.com that offer many reviews provided by users (popular models often have a couple of hundreds reviews).

To read all or most of them would take much of your time. User reviews published on large retail sites usually don’t have an easy-to-follow structure and you have to read thoroughly to find the most important facts and information to be able to compare different models.

To do this with hundred of reviews on one juicer model is very tedious and time-consuming. We know because we’ve been through it when we bought our first juicer and and looked for one for my mom.

Since we became dedicated juicers we thought that a website that provides objective reviews in an easy-to-understand format would be a great help for others who are thinking about getting a juicer.

That’s how our site, Joyfuljuicer.com was born. We don’t sell directly any of the juicers reviewed on our site nor are we directly affiliated with any manufacturer/retailer so we aren’t biased toward any brand or product. We do provide links to product pages on Amazon.com, and Shopzilla.com so that you can check actual prices, compare and buy a unit you like without having to do another search on the web. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Shopzilla Publisher Program we do receive a small fee if you buy a product through links leading to these two sites, but this doesn’t make us biased toward a certain brand or product. See full disclaimer here.

In What We Offer More than Amazon/Consumersearch.com?

We review solely juicers unlike big review sites that feature reviews on all sorts of products. In order to easily digest the reviews and to be able to quickly compare the most important features and benefits of various juicer models we created a simple review & rating structure for all reviews published on our site.

1. Features Overview

A summary of main features is included in a table on the right hand side of every juicer review page.

This provides a quick reference for the most important facts: juicer type, motor output, price range and dimensions.

  • ​method of juicing (centrifugal, single auger, twin gear etc.)
  • ​motor power/output,
  • ​revolution speed (rpm),
  • ​auger type/ material,
  • ​material of other parts (stainless steel, plastic)
  • ​feed tube size
  • ​dimensions/weight
  • ​colors
  • ​price range
  • ​warranty

2. What Can You Juice with it?This step describes how efficiently the juicer processes certain produce: fruits (soft and firm), citrus, vegetables (firm and soft), leafy greens, wheatgrass?

Perhaps this is the most important feature to look at when you shop for juice extractors. Whether you are going to juice only fruits or only vegetables or both, determines the type of the unit you should buy (centrifugal, single gear masticating type or a twin gear machine).

Read more about the various types of juicers and their characteristics.

3. Pros & Cons at a Glance
It sums up the main strengths and weaknesses.

Juicer Review Sample

  • ​ Method of Juicing: centrifugal, no automatic pulp injection
  • ​ Motor power: 300 Watt
  • ​Revolution speed: 3600 rpm
  • ​Material: all stainless steel
  • ​Feed tube: 3″
  • ​Dimensions (H x W x D): 12″ x 9″ x 9″
  • ​ Weight: 12 pounds
  • ​Colors: white or black base with stainless steel top
  • ​Price range: $200-$230.
  • ​Warranty: 10 years

What Can You Juice with it?

  • Fruits: yes, but not good with softer fruits/berries
  • Citrus: yes
  • Vegetables: yes, problems with softer veggies
  • Leafy Greens – no
  • Wheatgrass – no

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • ​list of advantages for a juicer model


  • ​list of disadvantages for a juicer model


Overall Rating:

​5 / 5


​Ease of Use


4. Rating (1-5 stars)

We have a simple rating system from 1 star to 5 stars. The total rating comes from individual ratings of three features:

efficiency rating- it evaluates what and how efficiently the unit juices, whether it clogs, how much is the juice volume, juice quality

ease of use & cleaning rating- how difficult it is to assemble, use, disassemble and clean the juicer?
reliability/durability rating – evaluates the quality of materials used, length of warranty to give you an idea how dependent is the unit, how long will it last before it breaks down? How often you’ll need to replace the blade?

5. Detailed Review – Benefits

On the left hand side of the review page we give a detailed evaluation each of the thre features rated with stars.

6. For Whom it is Recommended – Summary

The final part sums up the whole review and provides a recommendation as to who the juicer is best suitable for.