Juicers by Price

Find a Juice Extractor that Suits Your Budget

Juicers are available in a wide price range: from low-cost manual units to expensive, motor-powered nutrition centers. We sorted them according to price so that you can easily find one you can afford to buy.


Cheap Electric Juicers – Under $100

Black & Decker Juicers – low-priced, easy-to use units: dedicated citrus juicers, centrifugal fruit and veggie juicing machines. Price: cc. $15 – $30

Hamilton Beach Wide Mouth Juicer – good-value budget centrifugal juice extractors with large, round feed chute for juicing whole produce to save time on preparation. Price: cc. $40 – $80

Jack LaLanne Juicers – good, affordable start-up juicers for juicing fruits and hard vegetables. Price: some models can be found for around $70 – $90.[/three_fifth_last]

Juiceman Juicers – inexpensive, popular centrifugal juice makers designed by Jay Kordich (today sold by Russel Hobbs Inc.). The 700-Watt Junior JM-400 model costs only around $50 – $55.

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain is a sleek and simple-to-use fast juice extractor with compact design that retails for around $90 – $100.

Juicers Between $100 – $200

Omega Wide Mouth Juicer, BMJ330 – a high-quality, automatic pulp ejector machine with round, 3″ wide feed chute for whole fruit and veggie juicing. Price: $150 – $200.

Waring Pro Juicers – Waring makes citrus juicers and moderately-priced centrifugal juicers with automatic pulp removal. Price: cc. $150 – $180 The Waring Pro JEX450 Juicer is basic, good-quality automatic centrifugal juicer that lets you quickly make large volume of fresh juice on a daily basis.

Breville Juicers – popular, easy-to-use, fast centrifugal juice extractors with attractive look. Price: The cheaper models cost around $100 – $130 (BJE200XL, JE900, JE95XL), other models retail for around $150 – $200 (BJE510XL).

L’Equip 215 XL Juicer – a compact-sized, wide mouth centrifugal unit with pulp removal, operated by a 900-Watt (3/4 horsepower) motor. Retails for around $100 – $120.

L’Equip 110.5 Mini Juicer – a neat little centrifugal juicing machine with pulp ejection. With just over 11″ height it occupies little space. Price: cc. $100 – $110.

Lexen Healthy Juicer – an affordable low-speed single auger juicer for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass, herbs and firmer, high juice content fruits. Price: cc. $190.

Juicers Between $200 – $300

Champion Juicer – good-quality, dependable masticating type machine for extracting juice from vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass and harder fruits. Price: cc. $250 – $280.

Omega 9000 Juicer – a compact, stainless steel centrifugal unit without automatic pulp ejection. Price: cc. $220

Omega 8003/8005 Juicer – a single auger, masticating-style juice extractor with a $230 – $260 price tag.

Omega 8006 Juice Extractor – an advanced version of the Omega 8003/8005 model that sells for around $250 – $300.

Samson Juicers – multi-purpose units: both single-auger and twin gear models are available. Price: $260 – $300.

High-End Juicers Over $300

Omega Vert Juicer, VRT 330 – A vertical single-gear juice machine with small footprint for juicing a wide range of produce. Price: cc. $330 – $380 The heavy duty model, VRt 350HD has stronger screen and sells for around $380 – $400.

Green Star Juicers, Models GS-1000, GS-2000, GS-3000 – high-quality twin-gear machines with advanced features to protect juice nutrients from degradation. Price: cc. $400 – $550.

Green Star Elite Juicer, GSE-5000 – Innovative gear technology using bioceramic and magnetic technology and 3-stage juicing make the Elite the best performing vegetable juice extractor on the market (maximum yield and nutrient content). Price: cc. $530 – $550.

Angel Juicers, Models 3500, 5500, 7500 – all-stainless steel twin gear juice extractors with extra high juice yield and live nutrient content. Price: The Super Angel Juicer costs around $1200.

Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer – Sturdy stainless steel machine that squeezes a high percentage of juice out of the produce. Price: cc. $2000.