L’Equip Juicers

Affordable Machines for Beginner Juice Enthusiasts-Great Value for Money

The Korean-made Lequip Juicers are known for their user-friendly design, high performance and exceptional quality regarding materials and workmanship.

The company L’Equip was formed in 1999 in Pennsylvania by a former Omega juicer expert.

The company is dedicated to healthy lifestyle and designing user-friendly appliances (juicers, blenders) the use of which contributes to better health.

L’Equip was the first that designed and made an electric juicer with the lowest RPM. Several of their appliances won awards. Find out why users of L’Equip juicer models love these machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Size – unlike many other juicers, the ones made by L’Equip aren’t bulky and occupy little space. Ideal for those who have a small kitchen.
  • Stylish Design – L’Equip juice machines have sleek contemporary design that will look good in any kitchen.
  • User friendly – they’re easy to put together, operate, dismantle and clean. Fits well in today’s quick lifestyle.
  • Long warranty – 3 to 10 years, depending on model. I always prefer products, especially electric appliances that come with several years of warranty period. This shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its product quality. The 10-year warranty on L’Equip juice extractors is one of the longest, comparing to other similar products (Omega juicers have 10-15 years warranty).

Lequip Juicer Models

L’Equip Mini with Pulp Ejection, Model 110.5

The name “Mini” is deceptive since the L’Equip 110.5 is equipped with a powerful motor (1/3 HP) that runs at 10 000 RPM, and it is very good at juicing many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

With only 11.5 inches height, this compact juice extractor is a neat little appliance that will take up little space in your kitchen.

 Price: cc. $100 – $130. Read a full review of the L’Equip 110.5 Mini Juicer with Pulp Ejection.

L’Equip 221 juicer

This is the Mini’s big sister with commercial-grade quality that makes it ideal for small juice bars or cafes offering freshly squeezed fruit juices in their menu.

Powered by an 560-Watt motor, it runs at lower RPM (3540 RPM) than the L’Equip 110.5, reducing heat build-up and foaming while protecting the nutrients against oxidation.

Price: $140-150.

Wide Mouth – Lequip XL, Model 215

The L’Equip 215 XL juicer has a wide feeding chute (3″) that allows the user to add large pieces of fruits and vegetables (you can add whole apples, oranges but it’s not wise to do it very often since it can strain the motor and shortens the lifetime of both the motor and the blade).

Price: cc. $120. Read a detailed review on the L’Equip 215 XL Juicer.

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L’Equip Omni Single Auger Juicer – Discontinued

Although the L’Equip Omni has been discontinued you can still get it at some online retailers.

The Omni is a masticating stylejuic emachine can perform multiple tasks:

  • ​it juices wheatgrass and herbs, vegetables and fruits,
  • ​chops, minces seasonings and meat,
  • ​can make pasta,
  • ​presses seeds (sesame, grape seeds) to make healthy cold-pressed oils.

Price: $300.

Read a detailed review on the L’Equip Omni Juicer.

L’Equip Visor Natural Processor

This is also a masticating, single-auger, multi-purpose model that does wheatgrass, other leafy greens and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Price: cc. $220.

Citrus Juicer by L’Equip, Model 206

This funny-looking electric citrus press is run by a computer-controlled induction motor, monitoring and adjusting the speed of the reamer. Find out more on the L’Euip Citrus juicer.

Price: cc. $100 – $120.

About the Manufacturer

L’Chef LLC is the parent company of four core brands:

• Leading US manufacturer of household grain mills sold worldwide under the NutriMill brand
• Exclusive agent of BOSCH Kitchen Machines in North America
• Exclusive agent of bamix immersion blenders in the US
• Shared manufacturing partner for L’EQUIP juicers.

Visit the official website for more information on L’Equip juice machines and other appliances.

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