Norwalk Juicers

The design and manufacturing of the Norwalk juicers were prompted by Dr. Norman Walker who is renowned for its revolutionary research on the health benefits of eating raw food and regularly drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices.

Dr. Walker founded and opened the Norman Laboratories of Health Research in 1910 where he studied the beneficial effects of raw food consumption and how it can be used in the prevention of diseases by keeping the body and mind healthy, resulting in longer and more whole life.

His findings inspired him to construct the first hydraulic juice press (Norwalk Triturating Hydraulic Press Juicer) the ancestor of today’s Norwalk juice extractor.

Dr. Waker is the ultimate proof of his findings and a healthy lifestyle consisting of eating living produce since he lived.

Based on the proven benefits of using a Norwalk juice press to make and drink nutrient-rich fresh juice on a regular basis, the machine is often recommended for and used in the Gerson Therapy (also known as Gerson Protocol or Gerson Diet) based on the research results of another scientist, Dr. Gerson.

Dr. Gerson’s work confirms Dr. Walker’s findings, namely that a diet consisting of juice made from natural (preferably organic) living produce revitalizes the body by energizing the immune system to prevent or heal cancer and other serious diseases often deemed impossible to cure.

Features & Benefits of the Norwalk Juicer

The current Norwalk juicer is a combination of two machines housed in a top-quality stainless body. It’s an electric juice machine that does juice in two steps.

  • ​The Vortex Triturator- a cutter-grinder gear which firsts crushes, grinds the produce into tiny pieces which are forwarded into a linen bag (they are reusable).
  • ​Hydraulic press – the linen bag with the triturated produce in it is put under the press which consists of two heavy-duty stainless steel plates. The press extracts almost all juice using high downward pressure (cc. 6000 lbs.). TIP: while the press is extracting juice from one bag you can prepare and fill up another bag for juicing.
  • ​High Juice Quality and Yield – The pulp is the driest when compared to other juicers indicating that every drop is extracted that possible through a mechanical process. It gets out a very high percentage of the juice contained in the vegetables and fruits often 50-100 % more than other juice machines do. The quality of the juice (both from fruits and vegetables) is very good since pressing causes the lowest level of oxidation resulting in a foam-free juice drink.
  • ​Long Shelf Life of Juice- The hydraulic press method is the gentlest, most careful way of juicing, that preserves all the valuable nutrients. That’s why you can store the juice made with a Norwalk in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 days and it will still taste rich and the vitamins, enzymes, minerals will be unspoiled. This is a great benefit for Gerson patients, they can stock up the refrigerator with a few days of juice supply.
  • ​Pulp-free juice – it’s controversial whether the juice should contain pulp or no. Norwalk’s manufacturer claims that our body ingests the nutrients contained in the pulp very slowly and ineffectively, while a pulp-free juice which contains all the essential nutrients extracted from the pulp is much more beneficial because vitamins and other components can be processed and made available for our body cells within 10 minutes. Others say that juice should contain some pulp since the fiber in it is very good for the digestive system (helps to move the food material forward, maintaining a balanced rate of the digestion process, the recommended daily fiber intake is 30 g).
  • ​Simple to use (Once you get the Hang of It) – you can make 7-8 quarts of carrot juice from cc. 25 pounds of carrots in about 20-25 minutes.
  • ​Safety Features – the newer Norwalk models contain an electronic safety element that prevents the turning of the unit during dismantling.
  • ​Designed for Heavy Duty Use – the Norwalk is ideal for those who want to juice several times a day that’s why it’s an ideal juicer for those on Gerson diet.
  • ​Multi-Purpose Machine – it’s one of the best all-round juicers available. It juices all sorts of fruits and veggies including wheatgrass, herbs, sprouts, and leafy greens (spinach, kale, and lettuce). Some users experienced that when they juiced the only wheatgrass, the machine-generated a lot of heat so it’s best to use wheatgrass with other, firmer vegetables. If you want to juice wheatgrass by itself then a dedicated wheatgrass juicer is a better choice. Besides juicing, the Norwalk can grind seeds, coffee beans, pepper, and other seasonings, make cereals, nut butter, and frozen fruit desserts.
  • ​12-year Warranty – there are few other juicers with such a long warranty period (some Omega Juicer models come with 10-year or 15-year warranty) which shows the manufacturer’s trust in its product.

Technical Features of Norwalk Juicers

  1. Well-built, sturdy metal construction – all parts are made of stainless steel
  2. ​Powerful 50/60 cycle motor made to be able to use in other parts of the world not just in the U.S.
  3. ​Several Color Options: the machine is available in burgundy, red, yellow, green, blue, black, almond, white and wood grain finishes.
  4. ​Price of the Norwalk juicer: cc. $2000 – which is a fair price for such a well-designed, professional-quality juice extractor and food processor.
  5. ​Warranty: 12 years

The latest Norwalk juicer (Model 275) is available since 1st January 2009. It comes with a 12-year warranty on material or workmanship defects.

The Norwalk juice press is not for everyone and it’s certainly not the best option for a beginner juicer. The two-step method makes it a bit complicated and difficult to use compared to other triturating-style juicers. (e.g. Green Star Juice Extractors, or the Samson Ultra Juicer.

If someone is just starting to juice a simpler machine (perhaps the Champion juicer) would be a more reasonable choice.

Cleaning a Norwalk machine is fussier since the linen has to be washed, but the 5 removable parts of the unit are fairly easy to clean: they need only a thorough rinsing or you can put them in the dishwasher.

TIP: Since the juice made with a Norwalk juicer has a longer storage life you can juice large quantities in one session, and you only have to clean the unit once.