Omega 9000 Juicer

One of the Best Centrifugal Juice Extractors

The Omega 9000 juicer is a top-of-the-line stainless steel vegetable and fruit juicer that uses centrifugal force to obtain as much as juice as possible out of the produce. It isn’t an automatic pulp ejection juicer but removable filters can be used to catch the pulp and make cleaning easier.

The machine can make around 8-10 oz. juice before you need to stop the unit and clean it.

​The Omega 9000 is based on an earlier model, the Omega 1000 with the only differences that all parts of the model 9000 are stainless steel while the model 1000′s top is made of plastic and carries 10 year warranty (The Omega 9000 has 15-year warranty period).

This well-built, all-stainless juicer machine is powered by a quiet yet powerful (1/3 HP) induction motor ensuring quick, effortless juicing of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

The majority of customers who bought and have been using the Omega 9000 juice extractor are satisfied with the machine justifying that this is a good-value, reliable juicer that will last many years.

The company’s more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality juicer machines increases the trust and reliability of the Omega line of juicers.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Fast, effortless juicing – the 1/3 horse power (250 Watts) General Electric motor revolves at 3600 RPMs. Although the pulp isn’t removed automatically from the inside of the unit you can use the removable non-bleach cellulose filters for gathering the pulp and making clean, virtually pulp-free juice. When the filter cannot hold more pulp, it can be easily removed (after turning off the appliance) and replaced by a new one to continue juicing. Similarly to other Omega units, the Model 9000 is very simple to use and clean making it a favorite choice for many juice lovers. Cantilever latch arms hold together the whole unit which are easy to pull down.
  • Cleaning – the polished stainless steel parts of the Omega 9000 make it easy to wash up after juicing. A thorough, immediate rinse will do the work. only 3 parts are needed to be cleaned as compared to other juice extractors’ 4-5 parts. This really reduces cleaning work.
  • High Juice Volume – the fairly dry pulp is the proof of the high performance of juicing done by the Omega 9000. It extracts almost the last drops out of the produce obtaining most of the beneficial content of the fruits and vegetables to provide you with fresh, tasteful juice full of vitamins and minerals.
    The high juice yield earned an UL approval for commercial use in juice shops or cafes. With the optional filters placed inside the juicer the juice will be free of pulp, though the quality of juice is very good and contains very little produce fiber without using the filter.
    A spring clutch nut (a white knob) holds the blade in place securely. The knob has to be as tight as you can make manually – no need for special tools to tighten it.
  • Sturdy, Stainless Steel Construction - The parts that do the juicing task (the blade to effectively grind the produce, the screen to separate the juice from pulp) are required to be the toughest parts of a juicer. In case of the Omega 9000 these parts are made of surgical-quality stainless steel and are integrated in a highly-polished stainless steel bowl. The base has heavy-duty plastic housing in white or black finish.
  • Reliable Operation – the whole appliance is engineered in a way that ensures long lifetime, and high dependability. With less moving parts, the brushless motor is subjected to less wear, providing problem-free operation for many years. The surgical quality stainless steel parts and the well-engineered motor stand the test of time.
  • Compact, Space-Efficient Design – despite the heavy-duty construction, the Omega 9000 isn’t bulky at all. The brushed stainless steel finish lends the appliance a nice, contemporary look that will not get stained, so it can be a proud part of your kitchen even after years of use.
  • ​Quiet Operation, Reduced Vibration - the induction-type motor is one of the less noisiest one used in similar appliances, and further constructional features are applied to reduce noise and vibration: the blade is fitted into the basket in a way that lets it float during juicing (the outer edge of the blades’ base that’s connected to the machine (motor shaft) contains a plastic ring with tiny feet that allows the blade to float).
    ​These features help the motor maintain stable RPM while you add and push the produce down the feed chute. The 12 rubber feet fitted around the edge of the juicer’s bottom absorb the already minimum vibration and prevent “jumping” of the machine when you juice.
    ​Despite these features, quite a few users have experienced a great level of vibration and jumping around during using the machine. See summary of user reviews here.
  • Optional Citrus Attachment is available – with this you can convert the Omega 9000 into a dedicated citrus juicer allowing you to juice oranges, lemons, and grapefruits even more efficiently.

​ Note: the citrus attachment is not required to juice citrus, the juicer copes with them well without it. TIP: see other recommended dedicated citrus juicers.

  • 15 years warranty – few other juicers carry more than ten years warranty so the 15-year is a great deal, and demonstrates that the manufacturer believes in the exceptional quality of its product.
  • UL Approved for household and commercial use – most appliances are approved only for household use.
  • Models for International Use are available 220 Volt/50 Hz.


  • ​Height: 12″
  • ​Width: 9″
  • ​Depth:
  • ​Weight: 12.5 pounds.

Price: the Omega 9000 is available in the range of $210-230, making it a competitively priced and a good-value juicer. Cellulose Filter: pack of 200 filters cost cc. $9 – $13.

​TIP: the new Omega Big Mouth Juicer is a fast, efficient machine with automatic pulp ejection and increased juice yield and costs the same as the Omega 9000. 

User Reviews

There are mixed ratings and reviews on the Omega 9000. Here are the most frequent benefits as well as problems owners of this model discovered.

Despite the manufacturer’s claim that the model 9000 vibrates less, some users have complained about excessive vibration and noise during juicing, especially when they added carrots, celery or other firm veggies..

Some customer experienced that the customer service of Omega is poor, they didn’t replaced certain parts as they had promised.


  • ​All stainless steel parts
  • ​Compact, light-weight design – takes up little space
  • ​Good to look at – the polished stainless steel outer case will not get stained or look used, it will look nice in any kitchen
  • ​Easy to operate and disassemble
  • ​Cleaning can be done in a couple of minutes
  • ​High juice volume
  • ​Works well with apples, carrots, and beets


  • ​Jumps and gets out of balance during operation.
  • ​Doesn’t juice well melon, grapes, cucumber.
  • ​Isn’t capable of continuous juicing -after a glass of juice you have stop for cleaning the basket or remove the pulpy filter.


The Omega 9000 is a great family juicer that can be used to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices on a daily basis. It has some limitations, but if you use it according to the instructions you will be satisfied this unit.

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