Samson Juicers

Review of Main Models: Samson GB-9001 and KPE-1304 (Ultra Samson)

The Samson juicers are mill-type type juice extractors (there is a single auger and a twin gear model) operating at slow speed to preserve the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

The California-based company Samson Life Inc. was founded in 1999 with the purpose of designing and making the best multi-functional juicer for the US and Canadian market.

The single auger juicer was first sold under the Oscar brand, the improved version of which is now available as Samson or Green Power Juicer. With 10-year warranty on the motor and 5 year on parts, the Samson juice extractors are very reliable and long-lasting appliances that

Main Features & Benefits of Samson Juicers – a Versatile Appliance

The Samson juice extractor is a gear juicer machine (the GB-9001 is a single auger, the KPE-1304 is a twin-gear unit) that is able to perform 6 different functions.

​The heart of the unit is the mill-type screw that operates at low speed (Model GB-9001: 80 RPM, Model: KPE-1304: 160 RPM) to preserve as much vitamins, enzymes, and minerals unspoilt in the extracted juice as possible.

The gear or gears slowly crush the produce, pushing it into the wall or screen to extract the liquid content. This is a far more gentle juicing method compared to that of centrifugal juicers that operate at high speed, causing the juice to absorb lots of air, resulting in oxidation of vitamins and other nutrients.

A single auger or twin gear juicing machine such as the Samson will conserve much of the original vitamin, enzyme-, mineral- and trace mineral content of the juiced produce, providing the user with a fresh-tasting nutrient-loaded fruit and/or vegetable juice drink.

The 6-in-1 Juicer by Samson Can Perform the Following Tasks:

  • Vegetable juicer – The Samson is very good at juicing veggies including wheatgrass, sprouts and other leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce). It efficiently cops with stringy vegetables like celery without slowing down or clogging. Add an apple to the greens and it will go down and be juiced more easily.
  • ​Wheatgrass juicer – Pine needles and aloe can also be juiced with this machine. Samson also offers a dedicated wheatgrass juice extractor, the Wheateena Workhorse II, which is a heavy-duty commercial grade unit. See other dedicated wheatgrass juicers.
  • Fruit juice extractor – juices all kinds of fruits: citrus fruits, apples, pineapple, grapes, berries.
  • Food processor – you can make baby food, bread sticks, cookies, pasta, soy milk, fruit sorbet and other creamy fruit delights.
  • Mincer/chopper – you can mince and chop seasonings like garlic, ginger, peppers, and radish. It mimces meat and fish. You can also grind seeds and coffee beans with the Samson juicer.
  • Nut Butter maker – you can make delicious butters from peanuts, or almond (best to use the nuts unroasted). With the optional Oil Extractor attachment (price: cc. $100) it can grind and extract oil from sesame seeds and other seeds providing healthy cold-pressed oils that are rich in essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and -6).

Other Features and Benefits of Samson Juicers

  • Easy, hassle-free assembly and disassembly – the Samson juice extractors are one of the simplest juicers to put together and dismantle which can be done in 15-30 seconds.

TIP 1: See a video on how to assemble the Samson Twin Gear Juice Extractor: 

TIP 2: see a video on how to disassemble the Samson juicer 

  • Simple to Operate – it juices effortlessly nearly all kinds of produce. Use the plunger to help the fruits and veggies go down and contact the auger.
  • ​The feeding chute of both models is 1.5″ wide which could have been made wider but still ensures quick, continuous juicing. Due to the slightly narrow feeding chute you need to cut the produce into smaller pieces.

TIP 3: watch a video demonstrating the versatility and ease of use of Samson juice extractors.

  • Quick Clean-Up – cleaning the parts (the gears, housing, screen, and pusher) can be done in a nick of time (cc. 1 minute) and you’re off to go to reassemble the unit to do another task. TIP 4: Most parts of Samson juicer models can be cleaned in a dishwasher: they must be placed on the top shelf of the washer away from the drying coil (the heat can distort the part) or it is even better if you set he dishwasher to skip the drying cycle. The screen is best cleaned by hand using the brush to remove fiber from between the holes.

TIP 3: watch a video on how to clean the Samson juicer: 

  • High-quality plastic housing and gear- the juicer is made of F.D.A. approved hygienic polycarbonate and melamine, the auger of the GB-9001 models is also heavy duty melamine while the fruit juice screen is made of stainless steel.

The twin gears of the KEP-1304 model si manufactured of FDA-approved stainless steel and acetyl resin and they include a 3-way bio magnetic system to increase the shelf life of the juice (juice can be stored for up to 72 hours).

  • Attractive, user-friendly design – the black Samson GB-9001 is especially elegant and looks great in any modern kitchen
  • Motor Power: Model GB-9001: 1/3 HP (160 Watt), auger squeezing power: cc. 1.5 horse power.
  • Control to prevent overheating – Samson juice machine contains a built-in function that prevents overheating of the motor. It restarts automatically after the motor has cooled down.
  • Low noise – generates very little noise during operation.
  • Accessories and parts are easy to get – replacement juicing cone and screen are available for around $18, replacement auger is for around $40

Samson Juicer Models

There are 2 models available:

  • Samson GB-9001 Single Auger Juicer (also known as Samson Matstone 6-in-1), – this model is available in ivory or black color. Weight: 14.6 lbs. 
  • Samson KPE 1304 Twin Gear Juicer (aka Samson Ultra or Green Power Kempo): Weight: 13.7 lbs.


  • ​juicing nozzle,
  • ​mincing nozzle,
  • ​2 noodle nozzles,
  • ​2 pasta nozzles,
  • ​juicing screen,
  • ​mincing cone,
  • ​2 cups,
  • ​cleaning brush,
  • ​pusher/plunger and sieve.

Price: Samson GB-9001 costs cc.$230 – $300, the Samson Ultra 1304 is available for around: $400 – $470.

These machines are mid-priced juice appliances that well worth the money. The long warranty period (10 year on parts and 5 year on the motor) ensures that you have a quality home juicer with a Samson model.