SoloStar II Juicer, Model SS-9002

Upgraded Dual Stage Single Auger Juice Extractor – The Latest Juicing Technology

The SoloStar II juicer by Tribest, a company known for its quality natural health appliances, utilizes the benefits of single auger juicers increasing the efficiency by a new, improved juicing process which is done in two steps.

The dual stage juicing extracts the nutrient content in vegetables and fruits in a more gentle way than one-stage single auger machines do thus preserving the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and other nutrients more effectively.

The low RPM SoloStar II juicer will provide the user with a fresh, rich tasting vegetable and fruit juice with maximum nutrient content. Dual-Stage single auger juicers like the SoloStar II are the new generation of top-quality juicer machines.

The SoloStar II SS-9002 helps you to make the most of juicing, by extracting the highest possible level of live juice that contains the maximum level of nutrients that can be extracted from the produce in household environment.

The SoloStar II SS-9002 juicer has won the Bronze Award of Excellence on the Canadian Health Food Association’s (CHFA) Alive Awards of Excellence in 2005.

The Alive Award of Excellence was established to select and reward those products that represent innovation and quality in contributing to natural, healthy lifestyle.

Main Features & Benefits of the SoloStar II Juicer

  • Improved, Two-Step Juicing, Increased Juice Volume - the SoloStar II makes juice from the produce in two steps – in the first step the crushed produce is forwarded towards and pressed through a coarse screen. This results in immediate extraction, not letting the juice getting absorbed back by the pulp. The next stage of juicing presses the pulp again to ensure that the last drop is gained from it. The end result is higher level of juice without destructing the nutrients.
  • Low Speed – the low, 80 RPM operation prevents excessive heat build-up, protecting the vitamins from getting cooked. High speed centrifugal juicers generate a lot of heat, caused by blade and basket friction, and also lots of air is mixed into the juice oxidizing (=destroying) the vitamins and enzymes, making part of the juice useless to your body. This is not a case with a slow, single auger juicer like the SoloStar.
  • Efficient Juicing of a Wide Variety of Produce - although the SoloStar single auger juice extractor had many advantages, it had some limitations regarding juicing some types of vegetables and fruits. That’s why the engineers at Tribest developed the new advanced SoloStar II model with 2-stage juicing.
  • Sturdy Built – the new design resulted in a longer, heavier model as compared to other competitor juicer machines. This improved construction copes with a wider palette of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits very efficiently.
  • Simplicity of Use and Cleaning – the two-stage process hasn’t made using the machine more complicated. Putting together the parts, juicing, dismantling the juicer and cleaning the parts is very straightforward and can be easily incorporated into the daily routine. During disassembly the screen sometimes sticks but a gentle pressure on one of its sides helps loosen it.
  • Affordable price The SoloStar II costs less ($190 – $280) than many similar machines, including its sister the Green Star.
  • Silent Operation – This is a low-noise machine, since it works at low speed.
  • Motor Power – 180 Watts
  • Safety Reverse Function – there’s a Reverse button that you press in case the machine clogs (caused by too much stringy produce), this clears the jamming and you can carry on juicing.
  • Versatiliy – the SoloStar II is more than a simple juice extractor, with the various attachments it can make pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine), baby food, sauces, nut butters, pate, sorbet. It works well as a grinder and mincer too.
  • Warranty – 5-year limited warranty on motor and other parts.
  • Price of the SoloStar II juicer: it sells for around $190 – $280. Two plastic containers are included: one for collecting the juice and the other for the pulp. They fit perfectly under the juicer’s mouth. 

Additional accessories that come with the unit are:

  • ​Funnel
  • ​Fettuccini Nozzle
  • ​Homogenizing Nozzle
  • ​Spaghetti Nozzle
  • ​Pulp Strainer
  • ​Foam Strainer
  • ​Juice Container
  • ​Pulp Container
  • ​Juicing Screen
  • ​Homogenizing Screen
  • ​Plastic Plunger and
    Cleaning Brush.

Parts, Accessories: replacement auger: $35, replacement screen: cc. $35.

A Z-star expansion kit is compatible with the SoloStar, with it you can convert the unit into a manual wheatgrass juicer. It might come handy if you travel overseas where the different electric outlets don’t allow you to use the machine.

Assemby of the SoloStar II Juice Extractor:

The single auger is housed in the main juicing chamber that connects to the main body of the appliance.

The juicing chamber contains two filters with two outlets: the first obtains juice when the auger crushes and grinds the produce.

This juice is rather thick due to the high level of pulp. In the second stage the pulp is squeezed through a finer filter extracting the remaining juice content that exits through the nozzle at the end of the juicer. For tasks other than juicing various nozzles and attachments are used.


  • ​Height: 9″
  • ​Width: 13″
  • ​Depth: 13″
  • ​Weight: 20 lbs. (9 kg), a built-in handle makes carrying convenient

User Reviews of the SoloStar II Juicer

Many users of this product say that it’s indeed easy to use and the performance and the juice yield is as high as advertised by the manufacturer.

The removable parts require only a thorough rinse. The screens are a bit trickier to clean but a cleaning brush (comes with the juicer) helps to remove the produce fiber from between the holes. This isn’t a whole-produce juicer, so don’t even try it because the machine will back up and it might cause the screen to break.

One customer said that his SoloStar II broke very easily after a few use (auger, screen) and the parts were replaced for free after a telephone call (following several unanswered emails).

Cons of the SoloStar II Juicer

The juice is a bit pulpy. Many prefer their juice clear, free of produce fiber, although it helps the digestive system work properly. There’s a solution though, you can strain the juice to get rid of much of the pulp.

Slow juicing – The feeding mouth is of the same size than that of the twin-gear Green Star model’s. The vegetables and fruits can be added slower than in case of a Champion juicer. To accelerate the work of the machine, you need to cut the produce into small chunks (1-1.5″ long).

Messy – juice often seeps through where the juicing chamber is attached to the main body the during operation.


The SoloStar II SS-9002 Dual Stage juicer represents a new, more advanced version of single auger juicer extractors. It was the first juicer that used the 2-stage juicing process increasing its performance at juicing many kinds of produce.

Although it’s not the best choice for those who have just started juicing, the SoloStar II has many advantages over other models regarding the excellent quality and nutritional value of the juice.

Juicer Machines Similar to the SoloStar II

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