Super Angel Juicer, Model 3500

A High-End Electric Juice Extractor

he South-Korean-made Super Angel Juicer is a premium, all-stainless steel fruit and vegetable juicing machine.

It’s a twin-gear juicer ensuring slow, low-speed extraction of juice to protect the nutrients from degradation.

The cold press juicing process doesn’t generate heat, 

providing you with a vitamin- and mineral-rich juice that contains the nutrients in their original, natural form which is the most beneficial for our body.
Learn about the numerous benefits of the Super Angel juicer to find out whether this is the juice extractor that best suits your needs.

Technical Features & Benefits of the Super Angel Juicer, Model 3500

  • Twin-gears Made of High-Quality Stainless steel – the two sturdy metal augers are aligned very tightly to provide a high level of crushing and squeezing power (equivalent of 3 horsepower) to be able to obtain the liquid and nutrient content from all parts of the produce (seeds, skin, stem).
  • Low-RPM, Cold Press Juicing – the two surgical-quality stainless steel gears rotate at max. 86 RPM, gently crushing the produce pieces and extracting their nutrient-filled liquid content.

​A 180-watt motor provides the necessary power.

The low speed doesn’t mean less efficient extraction, on the contrary: high level of pressure is applied (3 HP) to obtain the juice without heat build-up and foaming, preventing oxidation and cooking of vitamins and enzymes.

With a Super Angel juicer you’ll able to make the most natural and nutritious fruit and vegetable juices, enriching your body with live nutrients that are easily absorbed by the digestive system.

  • Two-Stage Juicing, 3-Stage Filter- the Super Angel makes juice in two steps : first the augers crush the produce using concentrated, high pressure then they press the pulp with high level of force to squeeze the juice out the produce fibers, while pressing it through a filter in 3 steps. This advanced extraction process results in maximum juice yield with the highest possible nutrient content.
  • Twin-gears Made of High-Quality Stainless steel – the two sturdy metal augers that are aligned very tightly to provide a high level of crushing and squeezing power (equivalent of 3 horsepower) to be able to obtain the liquid and nutrient content from all parts of the produce (seeds, skin, stem).

The augers are fairly large (slightly more than 8″ long), allowing the juicer to gently crush cellulose fibers, accessing the nutrients within the fruit and veggie cells.

  • Unique Filter System – no need to change screens to juice various types of produce – the Super Angel juicer’s sophisticated, all-round filter screen handles all kinds of fruits (citrus fruits and other soft fruits as well as firmer ones like apples or pears) and greens (wheatgrass, leafy veggies) with high efficiency. The precision-engineered impeller press system allows continuous juicing.
  • Pesticide Removal – according to the manufacturer, the construction of the juicer is such that it is capable of removing 90% of pesticides from the produce’s surface. The high pressure binds the harmful substances to the pulp fiber (so don’t use the pulp for thickening soups and sauces).
  • Well-Built, Sturdy Machine – made exclusively of hygienic stainless steel (SUS-304). The stainless steel parts are antibacterial. There are no plastic, nylon or melamine parts that are less durable and tend to stain easily.
  • Easy to Use – Only 3 parts to Assemble – the Super Angel juicer has a very simple construction: only 3 major parts that you need to put together:

- Screen unit with the Feed Chute (1 piece)

- Two Augers

- Screen Cover

Other parts that come with the appliance are: cleaning knife, plunger, two collector bins (one for the juice and one for the pulp),

  • Touch Button Switches – Start/Off and Reverse
  • Multi Purpose Juice Extractor – the Super Angels is capable of performing other food processing tasks such as homogenizing (you can make paste, pates, sauces, baby food, fruit sorbets and ice creams, soy milk, and nut butters). It is not a grinder, to make nut butter or soy milk you have to soak the nuts/beans in water for 6 or more hours.
  • Safety Features – there are half a dozen advanced elements to protect the machine and ensure faultless operation for many years:

- Automatic Overheating Sensor & Cooling fan – a thermostat senses if too much heat is generated and starts the fan to cool down the motor.

- Reverse Switch – this prevents overload and jamming of the machine allowing continuous juicing.

- Reinforced Switch Panel

  • Silent Juicer – the Super Angel is a very low-noise appliance due to the advanced engineering of the motor: the cooling system ensures that the motor is subjected to less strain and heat, increasing the life of the unit.
  • ​10-Year Warranty – most juice extractors similar in quality to the Super Angel also carry 10-year guarantee period (Champion, Omega 8003/8005, L’Equip Omni) which is long enough to demonstrate the manufacturer’s trust in its product. Only the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer comes with longer warranty (12 years).
  • Price of the Super Angel Juicer, Model 3500: cc. $ 870 – $970 which makes it one of the most expensive household juicers on the market (the Norwalk costs cc. $2000).


  • ​Length: 19.5″
  • ​Width: 7.75″
  • ​Height: 10.5″
  • ​Weight: 20.8 lbs.

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • ​easier assembly, use and cleaning – the Super Angel has one of the simplest, no-fuss way of cleaning since it has only 3 parts that need to be washed after juicing. Except for the screen, the parts require only washing under the tap.
  • ​high juice volume – 2-3 times more juice – due to the advanced, dual-stage method applied in the Angel gets more juice from the same amount of produce than other similar machines.
  • ​makes live, natural juice full of vitamins, enzymes, bioflavonoids, and minerals: the juicer obtains more value from the produce which can be seen in the darker, more vibrant color of the juice. Does greens exceptionally well.
  • ​all parts are high quality stainless steel, no plastic components (except the juice jar and pulp bin) – the Super Angel was built to last for decades (comes with 10-year warranty), it is also very hygienic – the surgical-quality stainless steel is antibacterial and it won’t stain, unlike plastic parts in other juicers.


  • ​requires much time for juicing – produce has to be cut into smaller pieces for effective process, also the juicer works through the produce slowly, so the overall time you need to devote to make juice with the Super Angel juicer is considerably longer than you would with a centrifugal machine – on the other hand, much of the advantages listed on the left hand side column arise from the slow process
  • ​pulp container and juice jar are made of cheap plastic – considering the juicer’s high price these accessories should be of higher quality material.

Watch a Video on How the Super Angel Juicer Works

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