Top Juicer Brands

Browse the most popular juicer brands.

Acme  Juicers – Acme makes good-quality compact juicers that apply cutting mechanism and centrifugal force to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. The brand Acme is currently owned by Waring Pro, a US-based manufacturer of small household appliances. Price: the Acme 6001 Juicerator (centrifugal machine) costs around: $200 – $240.

Angel Juicers – premium quality all-stainless steel slow juice machines designed and manufactured by a South-Korean based company. The twin gear system uses large, sturdy augers to be able to exert high crushing power for increased juice extraction from all sorts of produce. Three models are available for home use: Angelia 8500S, Angelia 7500 Angelia/ Super Angel 5500. Price:  Super Angel costs around $1 200.

Black & Decker Juicers - offer dedicated citrus presses as well as affordable centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicing machines. Citrus presses are available from around $25, electric centrifugal machines from around $80 – $130.

Breville Juicers – some great features, elegant look and reliable quality makes Breville machines very popular. Makes only centrifugal juicers. Price depends on model, the cheapest units sell for around $90, multi-purpose models are around $200 – $400.

Champion Juicer – masticating type juice extractors that work at lower speed, obtaining more live vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients from the produce  than centrifugal juicers. Champion juice machines have been made since the 1950s by a North-American family-owned company. The more than 60 years of manufacturing expertise and experience ensures high quality and reliability. Price of a Champion juicer is around $250 – $280.

Green Star Juicers – one of the best-rated juicer machines available on the market. Applying twin gear juicing method and equipped with advanced technologies, juicers made by Green Star ensure careful, high-volume extraction from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables including wheatgrass. Price: depending on model: cc. $400 – $550.

Hamilton Beach Juicers – cheap centrifugal machines that are widely available in stores. Centrifugal models retail for around $70 – $100. They also make commercial-grade citrus presses.

​Jack Lalanne Juicers - low-priced centrifugal units with some recurring quality problems. Various models are available that are priced around $100 – $120.

Juiceman Juicers – designed by juice fanatic Jay Kordich, these machines are affordable, centrifugal units ideal for occasional juicers. The Junior (JM 400) models are  powered by a 700-watt motor  and cost around $50 – $55, the Elite and Pro are run by a 1000-Watt motor and are available for around $100 – $115.

L’Equip Juicers – The Korean-made appliances are known for their user-friendly design, high performance and exceptional quality regarding materials and workmanship. Both centrifugal (price: cc. and masticating models are available. Centrifugal models retail for around: $100- $120, they also offer a vertical masticating juicer, the L’equip-Coway JuicePresso.

Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer - it is an affordable single auger juice extractor that retains juice from vegetables and wheatgrass in a slow, cold process preserving the vitamins, enzymes in live form for maximum health benefits.

Norwalk Hydraulic Juice Press – the ultimate in juicing if you can afford the $2 000 price. The design and manufacturing of Norwalk juicers were prompted by Dr. Norman Walker who is renowned for its revolutional research on the health benefits of eating raw food and regularly drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices.

Omega Juice Extractors- Omega makes all types of  good-quality, reliable juice machines: centrifugal units, auger-style masticating machines and citrus juicers.

Samson Juicers- mill-type juice extractors (there is a single auger and a twin gear model: also known as Green Power Kempo) operating at slow speed to preserve the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Price:  cc. $260 – $300.

Waring Pro Juicers – competitively priced appliances designed with ease-of-use in mind. The USA-based company is a leader in designing and manufacturing stylish home appliances (blenders, mixer, waffle makers, deep fryers, and wine coolers) that efficiently perform the task they were designed for. The company bought Acme, a manufacturer of top-quality juicers, and Acme models are now sold under the Waring Pro brand name.