Waring Pro JEX450 Juicer

Centrifugal, Automatic Pulp Ejection Juicer with Big Mouth

The Waring Pro JEX450 Juicer is a moderately priced wide mouth centrifugal juicer with automatic pulp ejection. Its most appreciated features are the powerful dual speed motor and the extra large (3″) round-shape feed chute for quick, hassle-free juicing.

The wide mouth on the juicer top lets you juice whole produce (apples, peeled oranges, a few sticks of carrots) minimizing preparation time since you don’t have to cut up the produce into smaller chunks to fit through the feed tube.

The US-based manufacturer, Waring Professional is known for its quality, small household appliances such as blenders, juice extractors, wine chillers, and other food preparation appliances.

Features, Performance, Rating

Waring Pro JEX450 Juicerator – Review

  • Method of Juicing: centrifugal, automatic pulp ejection
  • Motor power: 850 Watt (1.14 horsepower)
  • Revolution speed: 2 speed settings (low speed for soft, and high speed for hard produce)
  • Material: stainless steel blade and mesh filter, brushed stainless steel base, see-through polycarbonate lid, pulp bin and juice jar
  • Feed tube: 3″, round shape
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 10 1/2″ x 8″ x 13 3/4″
  • Weight: 18.1 lbs.
  • Colors: brushed stainless steel housing, black transparent plastic top, pulp collector, and juice cup.
  • Price range: $130 – $200.

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty on motor, 1 year on rest of the appliance

What Can You Juice with it?

  • Fruits: yes
  • Citrus: yes
  • Vegetables: hard vegetables (carrots, celery, beets)
  • Leafy Greens: no
  • Wheatgrass: no

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • juices fast,
  • can make large quantities of juice without having to stop
  • less cutting is needed,
  • accommodates whole (smaller) apples, oranges, a few sticks of carrots
  • simple to clean
  • moderately priced
  • large pulp container
  • large juice collector cup


  • a bit bulky
  • a bit difficult to assemble
  • pulp is wet
  • spits pulp


Overall Rating:

4.0 / 5




The Story

The Waring Pro JEX450 Centrifugal juice extractor received average overall rating from users (3 out of 5 points) on large review sites. Most people owning this juicer are satisfied with the performance and reliability of the machine with occasional complaints on minor things.

Juicing Efficiency of the Waring Pro JEX450

The large, 3″-wide feed chute accepts larger pieces of produce and smaller whole apples, oranges and few sticks of carrots. Note that larger produce still needs to be cut into smaller pieces to fit in the feed tube but not as much cutting is required as it would with a smaller feed tube juicer.

The powerful 850-watt motor spins the sturdy stainless steel blade at high speed, shredding the produce into tiny parts and then the centrifugal force extracts the juice content by pressing the pulp through the stainless steel mesh filter.

The machine works really well with high-juice content harder fruits and veggies.

The two speed settings offer flexibility in choosing the proper speed when juicing soft or hard produce. There’s a toggle switch for turning on the juicer and for selecting between low or high speed.

With the Waring Pro JEX450 you can make a large glass of fresh apple, carrot or a combo juice in a few minutes. It is a breeze to assemble and the unit works fast.

Cleaning takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re a beginner in juicing, but this is the same with all other centrifugal juice machines.

It comes with a fairly large, 50-ounce (cc. 1.5 liter) transparent plastic juice jar with cover and froth separator (use it if you like your juice with less pulp), and a large pulp collector (see-through plastic) that can hold pulp accumulated when 10-cup of juice is made.

The sizeable pulp bin and juice pitcher lets you do continuous juicing: you can make fresh natural juice for the whole family within minutes without having to stop to empty the bin or replace the filled juice jar with an empty one.

What Does it Juice?

The Waring JEX450 is a fast centrifugal juicer that best performs with:

  • firm vegetables and fruits with high water content: apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, beetroot, citrus fruits
  • At low speed it also handles soft produce fairly well (ripe peaches, mangoes, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes)

Since centrifugal juicers aren’t designed for juicing leafy greens (kale, cabbage, celery stalk, spinach, lettuce) and wheatgrass, the Waring Pro JEX450 Juice Extractor is not good with them either.

TIP: If you want to juice mostly greens, wheatgrass, barley grass or herbs you’d better invest in a good-qulaitty masticating style juicer (single auger or dual auger) or a dedicated wheatgrass juice extractor.


Although it is not an all stainless steel appliance (the blade and filter basket are the only stainless steel parts), the plastic parts are made of high quality, easy to clean polycarbonate.

With 5-year limited warranty on the motor the Waring Pro JEX450 juicer is a pretty reliable unit in the lower end category of juicers.

Replacement parts are available although they’re quite costly.

Price of Parts & Accessories: filter and blade: $70, plunger: cc. $15, juicer top: $40, pulp container: $30.

Using the Waring Pro JEX450 – Assembly, Disassembly

The manual of the machine contains step-by-step easy-to-understand instructions with photos on how to assemble, and disassemble the appliance:

  1. 1
    Place the juicer bowl on top of the base (motor housing).
  2. 2
    Place the mesh filter and blade in the center of the juicer bowl and snap it into place. Press firmly on the stainless rim of the filter basket. To avoid injury do not press on shredder disk.
  3. 3
    Put the juicer top over the top of the motor housing, follow the arrow instructions to position it into place, lower it then turn it counterclockwise to lock it into place.
  4. 4
    Place the food pusher into the feed chute aligning the flat area of the pusher with the flat area of the chute (the pusher is marked with an arrow for easier positioning).
  5. 5
    Toggle to either the “low” or to the “high” speed setting depending on the fruit or vegetable being processed. For softer fruits and vegetables, such as melons, spinach, pears, etc., use the low setting. For harder fruits and vegetables such as carrots, beets, cabbage, etc., use the high setting. (Switch to the “off” position when you finished juicing and/or want to turn off the appliance.)
  6. 6
    With the motor running, place food down the feed chute. Using the food pusher, gently guide food down the chute.
  7. 7
    To extract maximum juice always push the food down slowly. Make sure flat area of food pusher is aligned to flat area of feed chute.
  8. 8
    Juice will flow into the juice jar and the separated pulp will accumulate in the pulp container. The jar is equipped with a
  9. 9
    froth/foam separator. If you don’t want to use it because you like your juice pulpy, remove it by pulling up. This part is not dishwasher safe.


Aside from the base and froth separator of the juice cup, all parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. For better results always rinse the parts well in running water before putting them in the dishwasher.

After a couple of juicing, manual clean up will take no more than 5-6 minutes. It is best to rinse and wash all parts with soap and water right after juicing: this way the fiber will not have time to get stuck to the parts. Use a kitchen brush to get clean the filter basket. Let all parts dry before reassembling the unit.

What Comes with Waring Pro JEX450 Juicerator?

  • base with the motor in it
  • juice bowl
  • stainless steel filter basket and blade
  • juicer top (see-through plastic) with big mouth (3″ in diameter)
  • pusher (plastic)
  • pulp collector (see-through black plastic)
  • juice cup (50 oz.) with cover
  • foam separator
  • instruction manual with juice recipes


The Waring Pro JEX450 juice extractor is a basic, good-quality automatic centrifugal juicer that lets you quickly make large volume of fresh juice on a daily basis. Ideal for those who have never owned a juicer before and don’t know yet whether juicing is for them or not. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a big brand high-end juicer when you’re not sure you’ll be using it regularly.

This is a good-value model in the under $200 category, and if you want to provide for the daily fruit/veggie intake for the family but don’t want to spend on a very expensive juicer then the Waring Pro JEX450 is an ideal choice.

TIP: a comparison of the most popular wide mouth centrifugal juicers helps you select the best for your needs and budget.

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