Waring Pro Juicers

Affordable, Good Quality Centrifugal Juice Extractors

Waring Pro juicers are competitively priced appliances designed with ease-of-use in mind. The USA-based company is a leader in designing and manufacturing stylish home appliances (blenders, mixer, waffle makers, deep fryers, and wine coolers) that efficiently perform the task they were designed for.

Juice extractors by Waring Pro are good-looking machines that can process a wide range of fruits and vegetables to provide fresh, nutrient-filled juice drink for the whole family.

The company bought Acme, a manufacturer of top-quality juicers, and Acme models are now sold under the Waring Pro brand name.

Main Features and Benefits of Waring Pro Juicers

  • Quick, Efficient juicing – Waring juicer machines are equipped with strong motors that run at high RPM. They juice fast a wide variety of produce: apples, citrus fruits, pears, carrots, beetroot, celery and other hard root-type veggies.
  • Effortless Assembly and Disassembly – consisting only of a few parts you can put together the machine very quickly.
  • Quick and Easy cleaning – Although the juicer parts aren’t dishwasher safe, clean up can be done in a couple of minutes. The stainless parts of Waring juicers don’t stain unlike other popular juicers made of plastic (e.g. Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer).
  • Fairly Long Warranty on Motor – the motor has 5-year warranty which is quite long since many other brands’ juice extractors come with shorter warranty period (1-3 years).

Overview of Models

Juicerator with Automatic Pulp Ejection, Model JEX450

The Juicerator is a powerful machine run by a 850-watt motor. The brushed stainless steel-black combo design lends a sleek contemporary look to this centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicer. Besides the nice look, it does the juicing job very well.

It has a wide feeding chute: the round feeder is 3 inches wide ensuring quick juicing. No need to chop up the produce into tiny pieces, only into half.

Although the wide feeding chute makes juicing whole apples, pears and oranges possible, we do not recommend doing it on regular basis because the whole, uncored produce puts a lot of strain on the motor and the blade.
Read a detailed review on the Waring Pro JEX450 Juicer.

Price: cc. $130 -$170

TIP: compare big mouth juicers

Waring Pro Professional Juice Extractor, Model JEX328

Although the Waring Pro JEX328 has half the motor power (400 Watts) of the Juicerator, it is still a better performing machine than some other similarly priced units (like the over-commercialized Power juicer by Jack LaLanne).

This model also has a wide feeding chute (3.5″) reducing preparation time to a minimum (you only have to wash the produce, and cut into half to remove the core in case of apples, pears).

Price: cc. $70 – $90.

PJE Series by Waring Pro – Professional Fruit & Vegetable juicers

The main parts of the Waring Pro PJE401 are made of high quality stainless steel (blade, mechanical parts, upper lid, and strainer). The base of the appliance is made of white polycarbonate.

The strong induction motor (550-Watt) ensures efficient, fairly silent, vibration-free operation. The PJE 401 model doesn’t empty the pulp automatically into separate bin but it lets it spin in the basket resulting in higher juice yield and drier pulp.

You can use disposable filters to reduce clean-up work and make pulp removal less messy. Price: $160 – $200

The other model in the PJE series is the PJE101. This model has all-white polycarbonate housing with stainless steel blade. The Waring PJE101 juice extractor sells for around $180.

Citrus Juicers

The Waring Pro Professional Citrus Juicer, (Models PCJ201 and PCJ218) is powered by a 250-Watt motor.The PCJ 201 model is an all-white unit with polycarbonate housing while the PCJ218 has a stainless steel base.

The reamer is designed in a way that it can cope well with all sizes of citrus fruits, from small limes to large oranges and grapefruits. Price range: $85 – $120.

The Waring JC4000 Citrus Juicer is a powerful, commercial-grade (UL and NSF approved) citrus juicers that operates at 1800 RPM. Price range: $535 – $600.

The Waring Commercial Citrus Juicer (Model BJ120C) is a compact-size bar juicer that takes up little space on the counter. Operated by a strong direct drive motor, it can juice up to 120 oranges per hour.

Price range: cc. $130 – $195.

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Waring 6001 Commercial Juicer machine, Price range: $185 – $490.

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